OG-300 Simple Drainback Pre Packaged Kits with Evacuated Tube Collectors

HelioMaxx Pre Packaged Solar Hot Water Kits With Evacuated TubesThe HelioMaxx SDB system was designed to bring the simplicity of drainback systems together with some of the better characteristics of pressurized systems to create the easiest installation on the market. Our newly released 3rd Generation System is even more efficient in its design, components and function. The Kit has also been OG-300 Certified by the SRCC.

Our StorMaxx SDB Drainback/DHW Tanks are made with extremely durable materials with a high tech titanium steel/porcelain enamel bond that is expected to last 15 years or more. Our spirally augmented copper coils allow extremely efficient heat exchange within the tanks. Our outer jacket made from painted alloy steel provides a very clean look to the system. We use polyurethane insulation for maximum heat preservation.


  • SRCC OG-300 Certified Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Kit
  • Industry Leading OG-100 SRCC Certified  ThermoPower Evacuated Tube Collectors
  • High Quality, One Tank System Pre-Assembled for Fast Installation
  • Efficient – Only One Pump to Run, Only One Tank to Heat
  • Hot Spring Heat Exchanger
  • Fully Automated Drainback Controller
  • Long Life Wilo Pump
  • Works with Tap Water
  • System Requires Little Maintenance
  • Save Time and Money on Installation
  • Multiple Sizes to Fit Most Homes and Small Offices
  • Mixing Valve for Anti-scald Protection

Available Models:

ModelSRCC NumberCollector Panel NameTotal Panel area(Sq-ft)Solar Tank Vol(g)Aux Tank Vol(g)SEF
HelioMaxx SDB 80 VHP E (1xVHP30)2011067A ThermoPower-VHP303780501.1
HelioMaxx SDB 120 VHP E (1xVHP30)2011067C ThermoPower-VHP3037120501.1
HelioMaxx SDB 80 VHP E (2xVHP30)2011067B ThermoPower-VHP3074.180501.5
HelioMaxx SDB 120 VHP E (2xVHP30)2011067D ThermoPower-VHP3074.1120501.4
HelioMaxx SDB 120 VHP E (3xVHP30)2011067E ThermoPower-VHP30111.1120501.9
HelioMaxx SDB 80 VHP G (1xVHP30)2011070A ThermoPower-VHP303780500.7
HelioMaxx SDB 120 VHP G (1xVHP30)2011070C ThermoPower-VHP3037120500.7
HelioMaxx SDB 80 VHP G (2xVHP30)2011070B ThermoPower-VHP3074.180500.9
HelioMaxx SDB 120 VHP G (2xVHP30)2011070D ThermoPower-VHP3074.1120500.9
HelioMaxx SDB 120 VHP G (3xVHP30)2011070E ThermoPower-VHP30111.1120501.1

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