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Solar Partners – SunMaxx & USGBC

Sunmaxx & USGBCSunMaxx Partners With The USGBC

Silicon Solar Inc, the manufacturer of SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Systems, Commercial Solar Sign Lighting and key worldwide distributor of the world’s best On and Off Grid PV Systems and components has partnered with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

The USGBC is one of the leading associations in the promotion and integration of Sustainable Energy Products in the United States, with thousands of members and partner organizations in all 50 states. The USGBC is also the leading force behind the development and promotion of LEED Certification for residential, commercial and industrial buildings throughout the United States.

Silicon Solar Inc’s SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Heating Line includes Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors, which are SRCC Certified and Solar Keymark Certified, Flat Plate Solar Collectors, Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks, Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Systems and much more, including many balance of system components including expansion tanks, heat exchangers, controllers, circulator pumps, and more.

SunMaxx Pre-Packaged Systems are available for Domestic Hot Water, Solar Radiant Heating, Drainback Solar Hot Water Systems and Solar Pool & Spa Heating, which allow installers and end users to avoid the hassle of sizing a solar hot water system to meet their needs and budget, and choose a system pre-engineered system to meet those needs and restrictions.

Silicon Solar Inc also distributes some of the industry’s most efficient and cost-effective solar panels for On and Off-Grid Photovoltaic Solar Systems, including solar panels from GridMaxx (Silicon Solar Manufactured), Mitsubishi, and more. Additional products of interest to high-end green builders include Silicon Solar’s Commercial Lighting, including their sign and street lighting brands – TechLight, GenLight and EnviroLight.

And, for more customized applications, Silicon Solar offers OEM solar modules and panels custom built to their clients specifications, as well as customized LED Lighting, which can be used to save end users hundreds, or thousands, of dollars in energy costs each and every year.

By joining the USGBC, Silicon Solar Inc plans to expose the associations Member Builders, Designers and Architects to Renewable Energy products, such as the SunMaxx Line, that are affordable on any budget, anywhere in the United States – a quality that has been lacking in the Green industry for years.

As a company whose mission is, above all else, to design, create and distribute the best, most affordable solar energy and renewable energy products, a partnership with the United States Green Building Council, the leading association in creating a large market for green energy products throughout the United States was a no-brainer, and a win-win situation.

Silicon Solar is proud of this partnership, and will begin offering training sessions in Solar Thermal (Solar Hot Water Heating) and Solar Electric (PV) to USGBC Members through their Continuing Education Program in the near future.

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