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Solar Pool Heaters

Solar Pool Heaters

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Pool Size Information

Knowing the proper number of gallons or liters in your swimming pool is very important for successful chemical care & treatment.  And that goes along with first knowing the actual pool dimensions! Oh, we could tell you stories of 50,000 gallon aboveground pools... but here's what you're really after:

Aboveground Pools  -  based on 52" wall height pools, flat bottom (ACTUAL average approximate water depth of 44"; this is the true fill, not the capacity)

Pool SizeUS Gallons


Surface Area (sq. ft.)
12 ft. Rnd3,20012,113113
15 ft. Rnd5,00018,927177
18 ft. Rnd7,20027,255255
21 ft. Rnd9,80037,096380
24 ft. Rnd12,80048,453453
27 ft. Rnd16,20061,323572
30 ft. Rnd20,00075,708707
12 ft x 24 ft Oval6,40024,226240
15 ft x 24 ft Oval8,00030,283330
15 ft x 30 ft Oval10,00037,854410
18 ft x 33 ft Oval13,00049,210550

Inground Pools - based on a typical, rectangular (2 ft. radius corners), vinyl liner construction (ANSI / NSPI standard Type 1 Pool, 16x32 and larger; smaller pools are Type 0 with deep depth of 5'6") , with average wall height of 42", shallow end water fill of 36" depth and a deep end water fill depth of 7'6" (90").  Gallonage also takes typical piping & filtration system (100 lineal feet of pipe plus filter capacity) into consideration.

Pool SizeUS Gallons


Surface Area (sq. ft.)
12 ft x 24 ft8,90033,690288
14 ft x 28 ft12,00045,424392
15 ft x 30 ft13,80052,239450
16 ft x 32 ft21,20080,250512
16 ft x 36 ft23,90090,471576
18 ft x 36 ft26,900101,827648
20 ft x 40 ft33,000124,918800
20 ft x 44 ft36,700138,924880

Gallonage Calculations (US gallons):
Rectangular Pools - length x width x average depth x 7.5
Round, Oval & Free-form Pools - aver. length x aver. width x aver. depth x 5.9

Convert to Liters:  Gallons multiplied by 3.7854 = total liters

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