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Solar Hot Water Brochures & Downloads

ThermoPower Evacuated Tube Collectors Certification Reports ThermoPower-VHP30 Wind Load Test Information Titan Power Flat Plate Collectors Product Brochures SunMaxx TitanPower Plus-SU3.0 Flat Plate Solar Collector Data Sheet (view in browser) SunMaxx TitanPower Plus SU Series Flat Plate Solar Collector 20 Year Extended Warranty (view in browser) SunMaxx TitanPower AL2DH Flat Plate Solar Collector Brochure (view in browser) SunMaxx TitanPower AL2DH Flat Plate Solar Collector Data Sheet (view in browser) Installation SunMaxx TitanPower-AL2: Flush Mount (view in browser) l Free Standing (view in browser) SunMaxx TitanPower-AL2DH: Flush Mount & Free Standing (view in browser) Certification SunMaxx TitanPower Plus-SU2 Flat Plate Solar […]

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Solar Hot Water Resources

Certifications and Incentives SRCC OG-100 & OG-300 Certifications Solar Hot Water Incentives & Tax Credits (Overview) Solar Incentives & Info By State (Details + Map) Solar Thermal Financing Options CSA Collector Certification Competitor Comparison The SunMaxx Advantage Solar Heating Basics Solar Hot Water & Solar Heating Basics Solar Collectors How Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Work Water Quality & Solar Hot Water Systems Heap Pipe Vs U Pipe Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Solar Hot Water Payback Information US Insolation Levels Map Solar Thermal FAQs & Technical Tips Technical Tips Solar Hot Water FAQs Equipment Info TiNox Technology Evacuated Tube Manufacturing Process […]

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Solar Thermal Video Center

Check out all of our great solar thermal videos.  Our solar thermal videos cover everything from information about our great solar thermal products and systems, to information about how solar thermal products from SunMaxx are manufactured, and even our industry-leading solar thermal webinar and online solar thermal training series. To learn more, check out our solar thermal video categories below.

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Solar Thermal Performance Data

Live Solar Information! Please find below some exciting links to a selection of some of our valued customers. They have set up their solar thermal systems and connected a data logger to it for us to view their performance. You will be able to see what kind of results they are achieving out of their solar systems and will be amazed at how great they truly are! Wired Solar – Please select Hilco Solar from the list on the left of the page Atkinson Solar Williams Farm Due to the amount of information these websites contain please be patient while […]

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SunMaxx Solar Thermal Collectors Powered by TiNOX Technology

It’s no secret there is a highly selective absorbing power behind our ultra-efficient and powerful solar thermal collectors at SunMaxx Solar. The high-tech coating that converts sunlight into heat energy in an efficient, reliable, and environmentally-friendly manner is called TiNOX. The TiNOX coating on our SunMaxx collectors is what allows our collectors to be as efficient and powerful as possible while keeping cost and environmental impact down. TiNOX’s highly selective absorber material makes use of more than 90 percent of incident sunlight. This material absorbs 95 percent of the sunlight, and loses only four percent through heat radiation. With this TiNOX technology, […]

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Solar Non-Pressure Hot Water Storage Tank Manufacturing Line

SunMaxx Solar now manufactures non-pressure storage tanks out of their Binghamton, New York facility ! The SunMaxx Solar storage tank manufacturing facility helps improve system cost structures, quality and efficiency. New storage tanks reduce overall storage tank system costs for commercial projects by 20%. SunMaxx Solar installers also have the added benefit of reduced system prices as well as improved installation times. Benefits of working with SunMaxx Solar: – Save on shipping by purchasing your collectors and system from one facility – SunMaxx Solar are experts at designing systems, ensuring  your solar hot water system is compatible. – Reduced costs […]

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Flat Plate Collector Manufacturing Line – Made in USA

SUNMAXX SOLAR FLATPLATE COLLECTOR MANUFACTURING LINE – MADE IN THE USA SunMaxx Solar is one of America’s leading solar thermal manufacturer. We provide turnkey commercial & residential solar thermal heating solutions. As one of the most experienced manufacturers in the solar thermal industry, SunMaxx manufacture Flat Plate collectors that harness clean, efficient, renewable solar energy to be used in water and space heating applications, residential and commercial. Solar thermal is the most cost effective and efficient way to heat water and SunMaxx has installed countless government jobs, commercial jobs and basic home installations. Our flat plate collector manufacturing line offers […]

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Insolation Levels In North America

10 year average insolation (kwh/m2/day) State City Latitude Longitude Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Avg AL Birmingham 33° 34′ N 86° 45′ W 2.29 3.31 4.04 5.14 5.92 5.98 5.81 5.7 4.8 3.93 2.96 2.25 4.34 AK Anchorage 61° 10′ N 150° 1′ W 0.21 0.76 1.68 3.12 3.98 4.58 4.25 3.16 1.98 0.98 0.37 0.12 2.09 AR Little Rock 32° 25′ N 94° 44′ W 2.36 3.39 4.01 5.32 5.71 6.19 6.15 5.85 5.25 4.17 2.95 2.25 4.46 AZ Phoenix 33 ° 26′ N 112° 1′ W 3.25 4.41 5.17 6.76 […]

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Solar Hot Water FAQs & Technical Tips

Do you have a question about SunMaxx or solar thermal systems? Just take a look at the list below. Each question has been submitted by one of our solar thermal dealers, installers or clients, and answered by our team of professionally trained technicians and engineers. Can’t find your solar thermal questions on the list below? No problem, just use the link below and submit your solar thermal question for our team to answer and post on the site.

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