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SunBoost Solar Hot Water Heat Exchangers

Sunboost with Tru-Twist® technology provides additional surface area and adds turbulence by swirling the water flow along the length of the heat exchanger for maximum heat transfer. Use of twisted tube and all copper material heat exchanger also has the advantage of longer life in a high thermal shock operation. The vented double wall fluted / twisted tube construction employs a double wall separation between the shell side and tube side, with the interface vented to the atmosphere to protect against contamination of domestic hot water and the heated fluid. For applications where only heating is required, a single wall SunBoost exchanger may also be used.

  • Double-Walled construction
  • Copper twisted tube offers a longer life in high thermal shock operations
  • Suitable for potable water use (double wall configuration)
  • Utilizes the superior efficiency of Tru-Twist technology
  • SunBoost heat exchangers are UL and CSA listed
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