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The SunMaxx Advantage

SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Vs Major Competitors

SunMaxx evacuated tube and flat plate solar collectors are the most cost-effective and efficient collectors on the market, offering the best performance at the most competitive pricing. In fact, the SunMaxx TitanPower Plus-SU2 is the highest rated SRCC certified flat plate collector for collectors using ethylene glycol as a heat transport medium. Across the board, recent independent testing by the SRCC (Solar Ratings & Certification Corporation) has proven that our collectors out-perform all major competitors, and are available at more affordable pricing. We refer to this as the SunMaxx Advantage.

When choosing a solar collector, the SRCC recommends that potential users determine which solar collector will provide the best value based on how many BTUs the collector will produce per dollar. This figure can be determined using a simple formula that divides the the price of the solar collector by the BTUs produced in a single day per square foot under “C” conditions.

Below are two comparisons involving the SunMaxx TitanPower Plus-SU2 flat plate collector, the SunMaxx ThermoPower-VHP20 vacuum tube collector and some of our closest competitors. See for yourself how SunMaxx collectors not only have the highest energy output, but also produce it at a lower cost per BTU.

View the PDF: SunMaxx Advantage

CollectorAperture Area (ft2)BTU/ft2MSRP*$/BTU/ft2Warranty
20.171175$ 906$ 0.7712 Years
Slim V Plus
23.041168$ 1,232$ 1.05
(+ 37%)
10 Years
18.771188$ 1,025$ 0.86
(+ 11%)
10 Years
18.821026$ 930$ 0.90
(+ 16%)
10 Years
CollectorAperture Area (ft2)BTU/ft2MSRP*$/BTU/ft2Warranty
21.231324$ 1,087$ 0.8210 Years
Solar Panels Plus
23.621325$ 1,283$ 0.97
(+ 18%)
10 Years
21.361227$ 1,310$ 1.06
(+ 30%)
10 Years
Seido 10-20 AS/AB
25.571095$3,130$ 2.86
(+ 248%)
10 Years
Kingspan Solar
Solamax AST-20
24.399271604$ 1.73
(+ 111%)
10 Years

*MSRP information based on data available prior to publication. All information subject to change without notice.
†Warranty based on installation by a certified solar thermal installer.

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