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SunMaxx Rocky Mountain Kits

The SunMaxx Solar Rocky Mountain Kits have been specifically designed for performing in the climate often found in the state of Colorado. Kits come in either a flat plate (TitanPower) or evacuated tube (ThermoPower) fashion. Kits also include stainless steel line set, a UniMaxx Plus pump station, the StorMaxx SE glass lined storage tank and all the fittings necessary to connect all of these components.


  • Built With ThermoPower VHP Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors or TitanPower Plus-SU2 Flat Plate Solar Collectors
  • Includes The StorMaxx SE Solar Storage Tank with backup Electric Element
  • SRCC OG-100 Certified
  • UniMaxx-Plus Pump Station with SmartMaxx-DHWPlus Digital Controller
  • 6 gallon high-temperature expansion tank with braided hose and mounting bracket
  • 80ft of FlowMaxx Pre-insulated Stainless Steel Line set with integrated sensor wire and UV coating
  • Piping Hardware and Fittings
  • Mixing Valve 100F – 140F

System Components:

ComponentRockyMountain-50 (FP/VHP)RockyMountain-80 (FP/VHP)RockyMountain-120 (FP/VHP)
ThermoPowerVHPVHP20 (x1)VHP30 (x1)VHP20 (x2)
StorMaxx SE Storage Tank50 G80 G119 G
UniMaxx-Plus Pump Station111
SmartMaxx-DHWPlus Digital Controller111
5/8″ FlowMaxx Line Set80 ft80 ft80 ft
6 G Solar Expansion Tank111
FlowMaxx Quick Connect 3/4″ MIP101010
Honeywell Mixing Valve (AM101-US-1)111
TitanPower Universal Connection Set111
3/4″ Brass Coupling666
1″ – 3/4″ Reducing Coupling222

Related Documents:

Flat Plate TSOL Reports

Kit TSOL ReportNorthernCentralWestern
RockyMountain-50FPNorthern 50GCentral 50GWestern 50G
RockyMountain-80FPNorthern 80GCentral 80GWestern 80G
RockyMountain-120FPNorthern 120GCentral 120GWestern 120G

VHP TSOL Reports

Kit TSOL ReportNorthernCentralWestern
RockyMountain-50VHPNorthern 50GCentral 50GWestern 50G
RockyMountain-80VHPNorthern 80GCentral 80GWestern 80G
RockyMountain-120VHPNorthern 120GCentral 120GWestern 120G

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