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SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Financing Savings Chart

No Money Down Solar Financing For Your New Solar Hot Water System

With our solar financing program, you can now get a solar hot water or solar heating system for your home for no money down and still make monthly payments that are lower than your heating bills…all while reducing your energy bills and helping to protect the environment.

A properly financed SunMaxx Solar System is a no brainer. You save money from day one, and the annual savings continue to grow and compound each year. Thanks to a maturing solar industry, a range of innovative financing options now makes transitioning to solar energy more affordable than ever. By combining federal, state, and local incentives with an appropriate financing structure, you can immediately harness clean energy from the sun and reduce your energy costs immediately without any upfront capital investment.

With our SunMaxx solar financing program, you get:

  • $0 down payment options
  • Interest rates as low as 6.99%
  • Low monthly payments
  • Top-quality SunMaxx solar system components
  • Installation by SunMaxx Certified professionals
  • Loan terms from 6 months to 15 years
  • No early payoff penalties

A ResiMaxx Lending solar loan allows you to:

  • Pay LESS for the same amount of energy saving you money over the life of the system
  • Use clean renewable energy which helps create a sustainable future
  • Invest in your own solar system, and correspondingly the value of your home, rather than forking money over to the utility each month.

SunMaxx Solar’s industry leading line of solar water heating products are among the most highly rated components by the SRCC for quality, reliability, and performance. Furthermore, our warranties guarantee high performance and solar energy production ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

SunMaxx Solar Financing Options

 Zero-Down Flex-Pay OptionPay Upfront Option
The Best Choice If YouWant to put $0 down and still want to
cut your monthly energy bills
Have the funds available to pay for
all your solar equipment and installation upfront
Total Lifetime SavingsHigh
Solar Financing Monthly Payment ROI
Solar Financing Upfront Payment ROI
Popular Systems & Financing Options
80G / Domestic Hot WaterAs Low As
$ 43.63 / Month
$ 6,800.00
120G / Domestic Hot WaterAs Low As
$ 46.75 / Month
$ 10,200.00
2000 ft2 / Combi HeatingAs Low As
$ 59.89 / Month
$ 19,600.00

Commercial Financing Options

  • Financing Helps to Monetize All Tax Incentives to Get the Best ROI
  • PPAs, Lease Agreements, and various monetization structures available
  • Reduce your monthly energy expenses without a large initial capital investment
  • Eliminate the risk of fluctuating energy prices

Municipal Financing Options

We offer Municipal Tax-Exempt financing solutions for solar projects using our products by state agencies and their political subdivisions such as counties, cities, towns, villages, public universities and colleges, police and fire departments, school districts, municipal hospitals and other municipal districts.


By partnering with SunMaxx Solar, certified installers can offer our various solar financing options to their customers. Furthermore, SunMaxx Solar provides tools and training to installers regarding how to effectively utilize these financing options.

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