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The TiNOX Solar Thermal Energy Trap

The TiNOX Solar Thermal Energy TrapBlack surfaces are very good absorbers of solar radiation and heat. The disadvantage to black absorber materials, however, is that the hot black absorber surface starts to emit energy in the form of heat radiation (infrared radiation). Therefore, about 50% of the absorbed energy is lost before it can be transferred to the heat carrier fluid.

TiNOX absorber Effeciency
TiNOX uses the circumstance that solar radiation energy is irradiated in a different wave-length range as the heat radiation of a hot surface. The unique composition of the TiNOX absorber material layers have a low 5% heat radiation rating which makes it much more efficient than black absorber materials. Approximately 90% of solar radiation is turned into heat. This is what we call The TiNOX Energy Trap and is what makes our TiNOX-powered SunMaxx Solar collectors efficient and a smart choice for those looking to invest in a solar thermal system.

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