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SunMaxx Solar Thermal Collectors Powered by TiNOX Technology

TINOX Solar Thermal Collector TechnologyIt’s no secret there is a highly selective absorbing power behind our ultra-efficient and powerful solar thermal collectors at SunMaxx Solar.

The high-tech coating that converts sunlight into heat energy in an efficient, reliable, and environmentally-friendly manner is called TiNOX. The TiNOX coating on our SunMaxx collectors is what allows our collectors to be as efficient and powerful as possible while keeping cost and environmental impact down.

TiNOX’s highly selective absorber material makes use of more than 90 percent of incident sunlight. This material absorbs 95 percent of the sunlight, and loses only four percent through heat radiation. With this TiNOX technology, SunMaxx Solar collectors offer maximum yield for our customers ensuring that payback periods are low. The TiNOX material in the SunMaxx Solar Thermal Collectors is also 100% recyclable so you are reducing your carbon footprint in multiple ways.

TiNOX rolls
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