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What Does TiNOX Solar Thermal Technology Do For Efficiency?

The unique composition of its layers makes TiNOX a highly selective absorber, comprising the following properties:

  • high absorption (low reflection) in the range of solar radiation – 95 % Absorption
  • extremely low emission (high reflection) in the infrared – 5 % Emission

These properties enable TiNOX to convert up to 90% of the solar radiation into heat.

The TiNOX absorber technology in a SunMaxx Solar thermal is extremely effective due to it’s high absorption rate. The absorber material is efficient to produce as well. The energy cost required to make 1 square meter of TiNOX absorber material is 0.87kWh. The amount of energy 1 square meter of TiNOX absorber material generates is 500kWh per year. A few sunny days and the TiNOX absorber material in a SunMaxx Solar collector has negated its demand of energy needed to create the material.

TiNOX and Effeciency

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