What Is TiNOX Solar Thermal Technology Made Of?

What Is TINOX Solar Thermal Technology Made Of?TiNOX consists of several functional layers of material. All of the materials are 100% recyclable together or independently. Each layer serves a vital role in creating the ultra efficient absorber that powers the SunMaxx Solar collectors.

1) Quartz Glass: Chemically and physically extremely resistant. There is almost no acid which can solubilise quartz. This hard material is optimum for protection against scratches.

2) Titanium: Extremely hard, corrosion-resistant material with low levels of toxicity. Titanium is also resistant against high temperatures.

3) Titanium Carbide: This layer acts as a diffusion barrier and adhesion layer.

4) Copper: Copper does not cause any corrosion problems, and is a great reflector in the infrared wave range with the highest heat conductivity.

The TiNOX color is formed by a multiple reflection of the incident light within the quartz glass layer. Depending on the thickness of the anti-reflex quartz glass layer, specific wave-lengths will be transferred into heat, and a small portion of wave lengths will be reflected. The range of wave lengths of reflected radiation determines the color appearance.

In the case of TiNOX classic only small quantities of the blue light are reflected resulting in blue appearance of the material. It is a sole matter of colors of light, which are not determined by the basic color of the material.

TiNOX Color
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