Mounting Rail 168 IN

ConnectMaxx Series 168 IN long mounting rail perfectly fits to SunMaxx Solar mounting hardware systems. Moreover it can be used in all types of mounting systems on different roof type.

Multipurpose product

Thanks to the mounting solution including the rail you can easily install the solar collector on the roof or on the ground manipulating the position of the collector. No more measuring exactly where you need to put the screw in the roof!

Mounting rail is being used in every SunMaxx Solar™ collector series:

  • TitanPowerPlus™ ALDH29-V3
  • ThermoPower™ VDF Series
  • ThermoPower™ VHP Series
  • ThermoPower™ VTS Series

The universal rails are made of light, high quality aluminum, which provides superior performance not only for SunMaxx Solar mounting system but also for PV mounting applications.  That helps to optimize the design of our systems, due to that all products are applicable to universal clamps.

Each PV Rail has two types on connection:

  • 1/4 IN Bolt (Top Location)
  • 3/8 IN Bolt (Side Location)

Features & Benefits

  • Universal rails system
  • High quality aluminum
  • Weather-resistant
  • Applicable to universal clamps
  • UL 2703 Certification
  • Available in wide range sizes

Technical Details


  • Height: 2-9/16 IN
  • Width: 3/4 IN
  • Length: 168 IN
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Mill


  • 1/4 IN Bolt (Top Location)
  • 3/8 IN Bolt (Side Location)
All the ConnectMaxx™ Rails are applicable for all parts (products) which are used in the mounting of these systems like clamps, flashing L-bases. The rails can be used in SunMaxx Solar systems and also in PV installations.
A mill finish is the finish (texture) of the material after the process of milling. The metal structure in this case is dull (mat, unpolished), grained and without a certain luster. The quality and characteristics of mill finish can vary widely from one mill to another.


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