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SunMaxx Solar’s pre-insulated line set is designed for outdoor use without the need for additional insulation or protection. With standard sizes ranging from 5/8″ to 1″ in diameter and 3/4″ insulation, these line sets are versatile and easy to install. Each line set also comes with outdoor rated thermostat wire integrated into each roll for added convenience.

Whether you’re a DIY homeowner or a professional installer, our pre-insulated line sets are a reliable and efficient solution for your solar hot water system.

  • Less connections = less leaks (82 ft rolls)
  • Pre-insulated saves time during installation
  • Incorporated sensor wire eliminates time needed to run sensor & communication wires
  • Our reusable connections feature couplings or transitions to standard NPT fittings, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of systems. These connections are designed with all-metal to metal seals, eliminating the need for gaskets and ensuring a secure, leak-free seal.

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Lineset Available Models

Below is a list of available SunMaxxSolar lineset components required to complete your hot water system. We strongly recommend using the parts of the system provided by us to ensure its proper functioning.

FlowMaxx Flexible Lineset

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FlowMaxx Piping Couplings

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Quick Connect Lineset Fittings

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Quick Connect Lineset Tee-Fittings

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High Temperature Insulation

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Lineset Accessories

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