Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Flat Plate Solar Collectors

TitanPowerPlus™ flat plate solar collectors are an industry-leading line of flat plate solar collectors, built using revolutionary TiNOX titanium absorbers.

  • SRCC OG-100 Certified For Guaranteed Performance

    TitanPower™ flat-plate solar collectors are SRCC OG-100 tested and compliant. This means that, when you buy a TitanPower collector, you can be confident that you’re getting the performance and value you need from your solar hot water system.

  • Network Of Dedicated, Professional Installers

    We’ve trained and certified over 3000 independent solar hot water installers and service professionals, both in the US and abroad; meaning that professional help for your SunMaxx solar thermal system is never more than a phone call or an email away.  

  • Residential Domestic Hot Water & Radiant Systems

    TitanPower™ flat plate solar collectors are great for a variety of residential solar applications including traditional hot water systems, radiant/space heating and pool/spa heating

  • Commercial & Municipal Solar Heating Systems

    TitanPower™ flat plate solar collectors are in use in commercial, municipal, educational and military solar hot water and heating systems in all sizes and designs across the United States and around the world

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TitanPowerPlus™ collectors are available for a variety of residential, commercial, and municipal applications, including:

• Domestic Hot Water
• Radiant/Space Heating
• Pool/Spa Heating
• Process Heating

Our TitanPowerPlus™ collectors are independently tested and OG-100 certified by the SRCC (Solar Rating & Certification Corporation), ensuring you’re getting the best performance possible out of your investment.  


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Please be sure to use our flat plat collector accessory calculator to calculate the needed accessories for connecting into each solar collector.



The TitanPowerPlus™-ALDH29-V3 is an advanced laser-welded collector featuring a double header serpentine absorber that is perfect for the residential market. It is able to offer cutting-edge performance ratings with highly competitive pricing.
Its innovative absorber mounting and laser welded fixing is perfected for its serpentine Aluminum and Copper based absorbers.
The TitanPowerPlus™-ALDH29-V3 Solar Collector features not only cutting edge performance, but an elegant, functional appearance. The glass absorber coating, sleek aluminum siding, and perfected mounting method makes the TitanPowerPlus™-ALDH29-V3 resemble an aesthetic skylight.

Model TitanPowerPlus™-ALDH29-V3
Dimensions (in) 45.2" x 92.8"
Gross Collector Area (sqft) 29.3 ft2
Net Aperture Area (sqft) 27.7 ft2
Ratio (net / gross) 0.95
Dry Weight (lbs) 93 lbs
Wind Rating 149 mph

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