HT-1000 High Temp Sensor for Solar Hot Water Systems

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Upgrade your solar hot water system with PT1000 Commercial Grade Solar Hot Water Temperature Sensors. These German-made sensors seamlessly integrate with your setup, providing accurate temperature readings for evacuated tubes or flat plates. With UV-protected silicone rubber sheathing and custom wire lengths, they offer superior durability and compatibility. Trust in their reliability and longevity for optimal performance.

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Advantages of SmartMaxx Series products for Solar Hot Water Systems

SunMaxx SmartMaxx™ series products ensure precise recognition of the Temperature difference and optimum use of energy.

Product Description:

Upgrade your solar hot water system with the PT1000 Commercial Grade Solar Hot Water Temperature Sensors, an essential component that seamlessly integrates with your existing setup. Crafted for use with evacuated tubes or flat plates, these sensors work hand in hand with SmartMaxx solar controllers to provide accurate temperature readings at various points in your solar hot water system. Made in Germany, these sensors guarantee premium quality and longevity, outperforming standard Asian imports by 2-3 times.


– Designed for use with evacuated tubes or flat plates.
– Compatible with all SunMaxx Solar controllers and most solar hot water controllers.
– Direct installation inside solar collector wells, designed for 1/4″ ID pipe side.
– Encased in a UV-protected, durable, and flexible silicone rubber sheathing for added longevity.
– Two-wire system (red/black) for straightforward installation.
– Ability to splice wire for custom needs.
– Calibration setting available on SunMaxx Solar controller for longer wire runs.
– Wire Length: 78.74 IN, Diameter: 0.21 IN, Sensor Length: 1.1 IN

The PT1000 sensors prove to be an excellent pick for your upcoming project due to their superior performance and reliability. These sensors offer a distinct advantage with their durability, UV protection, and compatibility with a wide range of solar controllers. Moreover, their versatility allows for custom wire lengths, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific project needs.

The extended lifespan of these sensors, compared to alternatives, speaks to their reliability and robustness. For added peace of mind, we recommend keeping a few extra sensors on hand for easy replacement during service or maintenance periods. Enhance your solar hot water system with the PT1000 Commercial Grade Solar Hot Water Temperature Sensors for a reliable, accurate, and long-lasting solution.

  • Temperature sensors with PT1000 sensor elements ensure precise recognition of the temperature difference and optimum use of energy
  • Guaranteed degree-accuracy according to DIN EN60751
  • Ideal for small commercial and large residential solar hot water and heating systems
  • Designed for high-volume production and are fully compatible with wet, aggressive media

How does it work?


View of the electrical diagram

If required SunMaxx Solar provides full permit package with electric schema included for your project.

Connect the SmartMaxx-VFS flow meter to the controller

The cable wire from the flow meter should be connected to the 4-pin connection in the controller

Connect the sensor to the controller according to the electrical diagram

There are two ferrules protruding from the sensor, which should be pulled through the hole in the controller housing and connected according to the diagram using a flathead screwdriver.

Fix the position of the cable using the clamps that are in the controller housing


Make sure you have connected the wires correctly.

If you make a mistake, you can always reposition the ferrules using a flathead screwdriver and rewire the connection to the correct slot in terminal.

Close the controller and screw the two parts of the housing together.

What parts & accessories do I need?

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To check the temperature sensor you can use the digital multimeter tool and check the resistance of the sensor.A simple steps which allow to check the temperature sensor:
  1. Turn the system off (electricity) - safety us the most important
  2. Open the controller box
  3. Check if the connection is not loose
    • If loose fix the connection by pushing the sensor wire inside the terminal
    • Close the controller box and check if that fixed the issue
  4. Check the sensor wire resistance with multimeter (turn the multimeter switch to the resistance measurement) – reading should be around 1.101 kOhm at room temperature and around 1.250 kOhm for hot water
    • If readings are different sensor might need replacement
This short advice should help you to solve the problem.
The SmartMaxx™ controllers work similar like thermistors but there is a little difference in the way of measuring the temperature. The Pt1000 sensors (type of sensor which are using our systems) are also called RTDs. The resistance temperature probe is based on the resistance of metal in our case Platinum. The resistance of this metal depends on the temperature. Basically there are two types of thermistors PTC (the resistance is increasing due to temperature growth) and NTC (an increase in temperature causes the resistance to decrease) - the value of resistance depends on temperature. These type of sensors are more sensitive than basic type of controllers.

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