VHP20 Mounting Accessories Calculator

VHP 20 - Mounting Accesories

Please use this calculator to determine the amount of mounting accessories for VHP20 solar collector

Suitable for VHP20 Mounting Accessories Calculator

20220110 VHP 20_Mounting
Below there are roof types checkboxes. Please select on what type of roof collectors will be mounted.
Indicate the # of collector in a row which are going to be mounted.
Evacuated tube collector row
Please select the rafter spacing on your roof. If the rafter spacing is diffrent than from the list, please contact us.
Please choose the right distance between rafters on your roof
What is your desired rail lenght [IN]
Please choose the PV Rail length which you want to use in your installation
The block is made of reinforced concrete and has 6' length.
Concrete Block

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