Warranty Policy & Requirements

Warranty Policy
& Service Requirements

SunMaxx Solar requires proper maintenance of their products in order to ensure the equipment is able to perform according to the specifications and warranty period.

  • Glycol based solar hot water systems should have their pH checked annually. Glycol is normally required to be changed every 5-7 years depending on the pH level of the fluid.
  • Please keep regular system maintenance logs indicating the date, time, and detail of when the equipment was serviced. If you require a sample template or suggestion for best practices on system maintenance, please contact our office.
  • Please make sure to check and change your anode rods on solar hot water storage tanks (pressurized solar tanks). Failure will void the warranty.
  • Service Warranty Plan Requirements: All SunMaxx Solar hot water system must have an approved solar hot water system servicing contract in place to maintain equipment warranty. Failure to show proof of a valid and approved warranty plan from an authorized SunMaxx partner will void all warranty claims. Service contracts must be put in place within 60 days from the system commissioning date and must be continuous from the date of commissioning to the date of warranty claim.

Warranty Policy