SHW Repair & Troubleshooting

There can be a lot of reasons which lead to problems with sensor reading error. Due to this you can follow the steps below, maybe they can help you to solve the problem:Remember to turn of the appliance form electricity, safety is the most important
  1. Check all wires - connection is required to correct work of sensor. If there is a loose, try to put in harder inside
    1. If problem vanish, your repair is completed
    2. If no follow the next step
  2. Take the multimeter tool and check the current flow of the wire. If you have some values, the sensor is fully functional
  3. When you still have a problem you can constant to engineering team, maybe they can help you or replace the whole device.
These simply step can help to solve the problem.  
To check the temperature sensor you can use the digital multimeter tool and check the resistance of the sensor.A simple steps which allow to check the temperature sensor:
  1. Turn the system off (electricity) - safety us the most important
  2. Open the controller box
  3. Check if the connection is not loose
    • If loose fix the connection by pushing the sensor wire inside the terminal
    • Close the controller box and check if that fixed the issue
  4. Check the sensor wire resistance with multimeter (turn the multimeter switch to the resistance measurement) – reading should be around 1.101 kOhm at room temperature and around 1.250 kOhm for hot water
    • If readings are different sensor might need replacement
This short advice should help you to solve the problem.

1.01 Is the sensor bad?

  • Check the solar controller to view sensor reading
  • If sensor reading is a dash this normally indicates an error
  • Check if controller screen indicates error as well (if sensor errors you'll see this on screen)
  • If sensor is reading very high temperature (if dark outside), its common the sensor needs to be replaced

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1.02 Sensor replacement

  1. Check sensor connections at the solar controller (to make sure the wires are properly installed)
  2. Follow the sensor from solar controller to its location point. (check system schematic to see where the sensor is installed that is giving an error).
  • Uninstall faulty sensor from collector's temperature well
  • If there are existing wire connectors uninstall sensor at this place, if not cut the wire and install new sensor with scotch lock
    • Connect red wires with one scotch lock and white with second one
  • Reinstall sensor in collector's temperature well
    • Push as far as you will feel the resistance
    • Secure sensor with rubber gasket
    • Secure sensor wire with M8 screw at side channel