SmartMaxx Solar Hot Water Controllers

The SmartMaxx™ controllers work similar like thermistors but there is a little difference in the way of measuring the temperature. The Pt1000 sensors (type of sensor which are using our systems) are also called RTDs. The resistance temperature probe is based on the resistance of metal in our case Platinum. The resistance of this metal depends on the temperature. Basically there are two types of thermistors PTC (the resistance is increasing due to temperature growth) and NTC (an increase in temperature causes the resistance to decrease) - the value of resistance depends on temperature. These type of sensors are more sensitive than basic type of controllers.
There can be a lot of reasons which lead to problems with sensor reading error. Due to this you can follow the steps below, maybe they can help you to solve the problem:Remember to turn of the appliance form electricity, safety is the most important
  1. Check all wires - connection is required to correct work of sensor. If there is a loose, try to put in harder inside
    1. If problem vanish, your repair is completed
    2. If no follow the next step
  2. Take the multimeter tool and check the current flow of the wire. If you have some values, the sensor is fully functional
  3. When you still have a problem you can constant to engineering team, maybe they can help you or replace the whole device.
These simply step can help to solve the problem.