1in Pump Station to 1in Compression Connection (bag of 4pcs)

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Introducing the SunMaxx Set of 4 Adapters for the Solar Pump Station, designed to facilitate seamless transitions in your solar installation. These adapters are specifically crafted to connect the pump station to a 1″ compression coupling, ideal for a 1″ TYPE L copper pipe. Enjoy easy installation, reusability, and durability with these brass adapters, proudly made by SunMaxx in either Poland or Germany. Upgrade your solar system with SunMaxx for enhanced functionality and convenience.

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Meet the SunMaxx Set of 4 Adapters for the Solar Pump Station, an essential toolkit for your solar installation needs. These adapters are meticulously designed to facilitate the transition from the pump station connections to a 1″ compression coupling. The coupling is ideally suited for a 1″ TYPE L copper pipe.

Installation is a breeze with these adapters, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. These are a necessary addition to your setup if you’re planning to adapt from the UniMaxx SunMaxx Pump skid to standard US copper pipe. This necessity arises due to the pump station connections not being NPT threads, as this product is made in the USA.

What makes these adapters even more practical is their reusability. The compression fittings can be effortlessly removed and reused, making them an optimal choice for system leaks or repairs.

Manufactured from robust brass material, these adapters promise durability and reliability. They are made by SunMaxx, a trusted name in solar technology. Depending on the production batch, these adapters are crafted in Poland or Germany, known for their high-quality manufacturing standards. Equip your solar setup with SunMaxx adapters, and experience superior functionality and convenience.