ALDH Series Connector (Coupling) (Single pc- w/o clamps) – V3


  • Includes (1) piece
  • One piece assembly: (includes o-rings 4x as in picture)
  • Replacement item: SIlicone O-Ring for TPALDH29
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Additional parts needed: c-clamps (click here
  • Accessory calculator: calculate the connection accessories needed for interconnecting a solar collector.
  • Made in Germany
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The ALDH Coupler is used to connect between two TitanPower ALDH solar collectors from SunMaxx with simple push-fit connections.

Instructive videos

To check the temperature sensor you can use the digital multimeter tool and check the resistance of the sensor. A simple steps which allow to check the temperature sensor:
  1. Turn the system off (electricity) - safety us the most important
  2. Open the controller box
  3. Check if the connection is not loose
    • If loose fix the connection by pushing the sensor wire inside the terminal
    • Close the controller box and check if that fixed the issue
  4. Check the sensor wire resistance with multimeter (turn the multimeter switch to the resistance measurement) – reading should be around 1.101 kOhm at room temperature and around 1.250 kOhm for hot water
    • If readings are different sensor might need replacement
This short advice should help you to solve the problem.