3/4IN Ball Valve (Full Port Threaded)

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Introducing our 3/4″ Press Full Port Brass Ball Valve, designed for secure connections to TitanPower Plus flat plate solar collectors. This valve features a lead-free construction, blow-out proof stem, and PTFE seats for durability. It meets UPC & NSF-61 standards and supports up to 600 WOG pressure. Available in various sizes, it caters to diverse applications and carries CSA Gas Approval. Ensure safety and reliability with this high-quality ball valve.

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Product Description:

For a secure and reliable connection to your TitanPower Plus flat plate solar collectors, our 3/4″ Press Full Port Brass Ball Valve offers a superior solution. Constructed with full port design and lead-free materials, this valve ensures unhindered flow and safe operation.

This high-quality ball valve meets UPC & NSF-61 standards, demonstrating its compliance with the public health and safety requirements. The blow-out proof stem and PTFE seats provide durability and dependable performance, while the two-piece body allows for easier servicing.

The product supports a pressure rating of up to 600 WOG across all sizes. Available in a variety of sizes, it caters to a broad range of applications. It also carries CSA Gas Approval, signifying its high-quality standards and suitability for gas applications.

Key Product Features:

– 3/4″ Press Full Port Brass Ball Valve, ideal for connecting to TitanPower Plus flat plate solar collectors.
– UPC & NSF-61 compliant, ensuring adherence to health and safety regulations.
– Blow-out proof stem and PTFE seats for durability and reliability.
– Two-piece body design for easier maintenance.
– Supports up to 600 WOG pressure.
– CxC Available in 1/2″ – 4″, IPS Available in 1/4″ – 4″.
– CSA Gas Approved for gas applications.
– CxC + IPS with Drain available in 1/2″ – 1″.

Choose our 3/4″ Press Full Port Brass Ball Valve for your TitanPower Plus flat plate solar collector connections. With its quality construction, performance assurance, and a variety of size options, this valve offers a robust solution for your solar thermal project. Make a dependable choice for safety, reliability, and longevity with this CSA Gas Approved and UPC & NSF-61 compliant ball valve.

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To check the temperature sensor you can use the digital multimeter tool and check the resistance of the sensor.A simple steps which allow to check the temperature sensor:
  1. Turn the system off (electricity) - safety us the most important
  2. Open the controller box
  3. Check if the connection is not loose
    • If loose fix the connection by pushing the sensor wire inside the terminal
    • Close the controller box and check if that fixed the issue
  4. Check the sensor wire resistance with multimeter (turn the multimeter switch to the resistance measurement) – reading should be around 1.101 kOhm at room temperature and around 1.250 kOhm for hot water
    • If readings are different sensor might need replacement
This short advice should help you to solve the problem.