5/8″ to 5/8″ Stainless Steel Piping Coupling


The SunMaxx 5/8″ Solar Lineset Connector is a robust and reliable solution for your solar installations. Its brass construction ensures durability, and its design offers an easy connection process. This connector will make your installation faster and more efficient, making it an excellent addition to your solar equipment collection. Don’t miss out on this crucial component – enhance your solar installation process today!

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Advantages of FlowMaxx™ Stainless Steel Piping Coupling

SunMaxx FlowMaxx™ Series saves time and money when installing hydronic or solar thermal systems.

Product Description: Connect your solar lineset seamlessly with the SunMaxx 5/8″ Solar Lineset Connector. Crafted from durable brass material, this connector is designed exclusively for SunMaxx Solar products, promising perfect compatibility and reliability.


  • Brass construction ensuring durability and rust resistance
  • Designed for connecting two sections of 5/8″ SunMaxx solar linesets
  • Reusable design and easy to connect or disconnect
  • Channel locks or pipe wrenches required for proper tightening

Product Highlights:

This connector is reusable and easy to connect and disconnect, which makes it a cost-effective option for your solar installations. It is UL Listed for SunMaxx lineset, and designed in Germany and made in Poland, promising high-quality European standards.

Enhance your solar installation process with SunMaxx 5/8″ Solar Lineset Connector. Its design and functionality make the process of connecting linesets simpler and quicker, thereby reducing installation time and effort. This connector is a recommended purchase if you are purchasing any stainless steel lineset from SunMaxx.

  • NSF61 Certified and Listed for use with Potable Water
  • Compatible only with SunMaxx FlowMaxx stainless steel piping
  • Re-usable connections
  • Eliminates the need for having a union connection on piping connections

How does it work?

SunMaxx quick connect fittings are required to connect multiple sections of solar insulated stainless steel piping together.

Plan piping path of where you want to run your pre-insulated piping


Install line set clamps (for supporting piping)

Recommend every 24 – 36″ (vertical 36″, horizontal 24″)

Mount piping in line set piping support


Install couplings (if required)

If required, install line set couplings when joining two sections of line set together.

Install lineset connectors

Install connects to transition from the stainless steel piping to your existing building piping or equipment (tank, pumps, etc).

What parts & accessories do I need?

Universal fittings (for FlowMaxx series piping). Easy to stock in your tech-van, less parts to inventory.

Videos how to install solar piping

Why SunMaxx Solar

Investing in a complete solar hot water kit from a single manufacturer is essential for ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your solar hot water system. A streamlined approach to sourcing components simplifies the process of installation, maintenance, and servicing.

By choosing a single manufacturer for your solar hot water kit, you can benefit from comprehensive documentation for service and maintenance. This approach helps prevent issues arising from improperly installed or maintained systems. Studies show that over 60% of solar hot water systems fail due to incorrect installation or lack of proper maintenance.

Purchasing a complete kit from one manufacturer guarantees compatibility between components and streamlined support from the provider. This ensures that you have access to knowledgeable experts who can address any concerns or questions related to your specific system. Furthermore, a single manufacturer can provide a unified warranty, eliminating the need to deal with multiple companies in case of any issues.

In summary, investing in a complete solar hot water kit from a single manufacturer is a wise decision for homeowners and businesses alike. It ensures smooth installation, proper maintenance, and reliable long-term performance, maximizing the return on your investment and providing a sustainable hot water solution.