High Temperature Solar Pipe Insulation 1″ ID with 3/4″ Wall Thickness


SunMaxx 1″ insulation provides a high-quality insulation solution for 1” trade size copper piping or line sets in solar hot water systems. Its excellent UV and moisture resistance contribute to enhanced durability and consistent performance. The insulation offers superior thermal conductivity, ensuring optimal operation of your solar hot water system. The self-sticking strip simplifies installation, leading to savings in time and costs. Opting for SunMaxx insulation guarantees an efficient and long-lasting insulation solution for your solar hot water systems.

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The SunMaxx 1″ insulation, designed for 1” trade size copper piping or line set, offers high-grade insulation for solar hot water systems. It can be used for insulating solar collector compensators or line set stainless steel piping fittings. The insulation tube includes a self-sticking strip, ensuring a secure closure after removing the strip and pressing together.


  • Material: EPDM
  • Insulation Thickness: 1 inch
  • Suitable for: 1” trade size copper piping or line set
  • Compliance: ASHRAE Standard 90.1, Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings, ASHRAE Standard 189.1, International Green Construction Code®
  • Key Benefits: Efficient, low-thermal conductivity, Excellent UV AND Moisture Resistance, Indoor Advantage™ Gold Certified for low chemical emissions (VOCs), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s), Health Product Declarations (HPD’s)
  • Performance Properties: Continuous Operating Temperature Range: -297°F to 257°F (-183°C to 125°C), Thermal Conductivity @ 75°F (Btu·in./hr·ft2·°F): 0.245, Water Vapor Permeability (Perm·inch): 0.02

Product Highlights SunMaxx 1″ insulation is a proprietary blend EPDM rubber product that delivers outstanding durability when exposed to moisture and environmental stresses. It offers excellent UV and moisture resistance, guaranteeing a prolonged performance.

Utilize the SunMaxx 1″ insulation in your solar hot water installations for enhanced efficiency and durability. This insulation will streamline installation time and reduce maintenance costs, providing an economical solution for your solar hot water systems.

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Why SunMaxx Solar

Investing in a complete solar hot water kit from a single manufacturer is essential for ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your solar hot water system. A streamlined approach to sourcing components simplifies the process of installation, maintenance, and servicing.

By choosing a single manufacturer for your solar hot water kit, you can benefit from comprehensive documentation for service and maintenance. This approach helps prevent issues arising from improperly installed or maintained systems. Studies show that over 60% of solar hot water systems fail due to incorrect installation or lack of proper maintenance.

Purchasing a complete kit from one manufacturer guarantees compatibility between components and streamlined support from the provider. This ensures that you have access to knowledgeable experts who can address any concerns or questions related to your specific system. Furthermore, a single manufacturer can provide a unified warranty, eliminating the need to deal with multiple companies in case of any issues.

In summary, investing in a complete solar hot water kit from a single manufacturer is a wise decision for homeowners and businesses alike. It ensures smooth installation, proper maintenance, and reliable long-term performance, maximizing the return on your investment and providing a sustainable hot water solution.