SmartMaxx™ DataLogger USB Power

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Introducing the SMARTMAXX-DATA-POWER, a dedicated power supply designed for seamless operation of your SMARTMAXX Data Logger. With a reliable 120V 60Hz output, it is specifically tailored for use in the USA. Ensure uninterrupted data monitoring and storage for your solar hot water controller with this reliable power supply. Pair it with your SMARTMAXX Data Logger for optimal performance and peace of mind.

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Introducing the SMARTMAXX-DATA-POWER, the perfect power supply solution designed specifically for your SMARTMAXX Data Logger. Engineered to guarantee reliable and consistent operation, this power supply provides 120V 60Hz, making it ideally suited for use in the USA.

This power supply ensures your data logger functions seamlessly, enabling smooth data monitoring and storage for your solar hot water controller. Whether you’re checking data online or storing for later use, SMARTMAXX-DATA-POWER provides the energy your device needs to perform optimally.

Pair your SMARTMAXX Data Logger with this dedicated power supply to ensure long-lasting, uninterrupted operation. Enhance your solar hot water system with SMARTMAXX-DATA-POWER and experience reliable and consistent performance.