Solar Filling Stations


Solar Filling Stations

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Solar Filling Stations

The SunMaxx Solar Filling Station allows you to easily fill, flush and drain a solar thermal system in less than half the time of manual pumping.  The powerful, dry self-priming impeller pump produces the high flow rate and amount of pressure necessary to dramatically reduce the occurrence of air enclosures in the system, ensuring the solar system operates at maximum efficiency. Cleaning the Filling Station is a breeze since the pump is almost completely drained after use.


  • Powerful dry self-priming impeller pump with glycol-resistant impeller
  • Rugged, easily transportable design with two large pneumatic tires
  • Easily movable to go up and down stairs because of elevated pump location
  • High temperature resistant up to 176°F
  • Leak proof tank with ball valve allows for horizontal transport even when tank is full
  • Clear plastic fine filter at pump inlet enables detection of air bubbles and debris in the tube

Available Models:

Technical Data
Voltage 110 VAC
Frequency 50Hz
Max Power Consumption 370 W
Max Operating Pressure 70 PSI
Max Flow Rate ~8 GPM
Hose Diameter 1/2″
Tank Capacity 8 G
Dimensions (inches) 39 x 19.5 x 21 in
Weight (empty) 46 lbs
Motor Class IP55
Warranty 30 Day