Solar Thermal Incentives

The United States Government, and most state governments within the United States have implemented credits, rebates, and incentives to help offset the costs of purchasing and installing a Solar Hot Water Heater. While the initial costs of a Solar Hot Water Heater from SunMaxx Solar are generally in the ballpark of 2 to 5 thousand dollars, these credits and other incentives generally bring the payback period of a SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Heater from between 9 and 11 years down to between 3 and 5 years, depending on specific factors.In order for these credits and incentives to be applied to a Solar Hot Water Heater the System must be tested and passed by the SRCC (Solar Rating and Certification Corporation), an independent testing organization designated, and approved by the United States Government and the separate State Governments. SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are SRCC Certified, making them applicable for all State and Federal Solar Hot Water Incentives & Tax Credits.Federal Solar Tax Credit:Credit Amount: 26% (2020)Maximum Incentive: UncappedApplies to: Solar Hot Water, PVNew York State Tax Credit:Credit Amount: 25%Maximum Incentive: $5,000.00Applies to: Solar Hot Water, PVFor more information on tax credit information, visit the Tax Incentives Database.