Tinox Aluminum 0.3mm gauge absorber – 1m x 1.25m Roll


Tinox Aluminum 0.3mm gauge absorber – 1m x 1.25m Roll

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Tinox Aluminum 0.3 mm Gauge Absorber

The core of each solar thermal panel is the absorber. It has an unique task of collecting the energy which comes from sun. solar radiation is converted into the heat without any loses. Absorbers have a huge influence of amount sun energy is converted into heat.

Superior Perfomance

The TiNOX energy Al is produced in a high-tech sandwich structure of several metal and ceramic layers. The basis of the absorber is an aluminum substrate which is electrochemically polished sealed and optionally anodized before being coated.An infrared reflective layer an adhesion layer and the actual absorber layer which has a multi-layer cermet structure are applied onto the aluminum. The absorber is protected by a thin layer of quartz glass (quartz glass minimizes reflection at the same time) which is very hard and thus scratch-proof protecting the absorber against damage during manufacture.

The absorber has a huge ability to collect up to 50% more energy than non-selective surfaces.

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Feature & Benefits

  • High absorption of sunlight
  • Advanced technology
  • Efficient use of solar energy
  • Minimal heat loses

Technical Details


  • Weight: 209 lbs
  • Packed in roll 39.4 x 49.2 IN