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Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Heating Kits

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Featured Residential Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Systems

TitanPower Flat Plate Kits

SKU Kit Type G/Day # People MSRP
Solar Hot Water System HelioMaxx-Pro-50-ETEC-FP20-2 Closed Loop 50 1-2 $ 4,167*
HelioMaxx-Pro-80-ETEC-FP20-4 Closed Loop 80 2-3 $ 6,000*
HelioMaxx-Pro-105-ETEC-FP20-5 Closed Loop 105 3-5 $ 8,333*

ThermoPower Evacuated Tube Kits

SKU Kit Type G/Day # People MSRP
Solar Hot Water System HelioMaxx-Pro-50-ETEC-VHP20 Closed Loop 50 1-2 $ 4,500*
HelioMaxx-Pro-80-ETEC-VHP30 Closed Loop 80 2-3 $ 6,667*
HelioMaxx-Pro-105-ETEC-VHP20-2 Closed Loop 105 3-5 $ 8,333*

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is mounting included with these pre-packaged kit?
Yes, flat plates include flush mounting kits, while our VHP evacuated tubes series include free standing (adjustable to flush mounting as well) kits.

Do I need to purchase glycol?
No, glycol is included with each kit (5 gallons)

Do I need to purchase any additional fittings / connectors for this kit?
No, all connections between the collector loop and storage tank are included with this kit.

How long is the warranty?
Collectors retain their standard warranties (10 years), stainless steel tank, (10 years), controller (2 years), pump station (2 years), solar piping (2 years).

How long does it take to install?
We recommend allowing for 1-2 days for installation pending your installation experience.

Can I install this system myself?
We recommend having an installer assist you with the installation if you have previously not installed a solar hot water system.

What is the production lead time on the ETEC Kits?
All kits are manufactured to order unless otherwise indicated on the quotation. Manufacturing time varies from 2-5 weeks pending current production runs. Please allocated enough time for production when purchasing a system.

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