10 Replacement Evacuated Solar Tubes 1800mm x 58mm – Replacement for VHP and VTS-HP Series

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Ensure your solar system’s optimal performance with this replacement evacuated tube from SunMaxx Solar, designed exclusively without a heat pipe. With a diameter of 58mm and a length of 1800mm, it serves as a perfect replacement glass for ThermoPower-VHP or VTS-HP Heat Pipe Series with 24mm or 14mm condensers. Each carton contains 10 tubes, ensuring you’re equipped for any necessary replacements.

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Replacement evacuated tube without heat pipe. Please note this is the evacuated tube only, does not include heat pipe.

  • Diameter: 58mm
  • Length: 1800mm
  • Heat Pipe Diameter (Condenser bulb): N/A
  • Manufacturer: SunMaxx Solar
  • Compatible Series:
    • Replacement glass for ThermoPower-VHP Heat Pipe Series with 24mm or 14mm condensers
    • Replacement glass for ThermoPower-VTS-HP Heat Pipe Series with 24mm or 14mm condensers
  • Package Quantity: 10pcs per carton

If you are looking for heat pipes and evacuated tubes (complete set), please click below.

Replacement Tubes with Heat Pipes

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Weight14 lbs
Dimensions78 × 9 in