ThermoPower Solar Water Heater Tie-in Easy Connect Manifold Kit

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The SunMaxx Solar Manifold Kit, engineered in New York, is an exclusive product that simplifies the process of integrating a solar hot water heater with your existing system. This kit saves significant labor time, making solar hot water heaters more accessible and efficient. Safety features and easy maintenance, coupled with superior insulation, make this product a standout choice for those looking to explore the benefits of solar hot water heating. Invest in this latest technology and embrace the future of solar hot water heating.


Easy to install hot water tie-in manifold

Experience the simplicity and efficiency of solar hot water heating with the SunMaxx Solar Manifold Kit, exclusively designed to augment your VTS-HP solar hot water heater kit. Engineered in New York, this ready-made manifold kit allows you to seamlessly integrate your existing hot water heater with the solar heating unit, simplifying the installation process. This product reduces the complexity of solar hot water installation, and significantly cuts down the associated labor time by 6-8 hours.


  • Solar Loop Connection: 3/4″ stainless steel quick connect (SunMaxx), modifiable to 1″ quick connect.
  • Existing Cold / Hot Water Connections: 3/4″ NPT Male.
  • Connections to Hot Water Tank: 3/4″ NPT Male.
  • Safety Mixing Valve: Integrated to prevent overheating.
  • Drain Valves: For easy draining of the solar system, compatible with regular garden hoses.
  • Insulation: Armacel closed cell insulation for maximum efficiency.
  • Isolation Ball Valves: Integrated for easy bypass during service events.
  • Warranty: 2 years.

Product Highlights:

  • Simplified Installation: The pre-made SunMaxx Solar Manifold Kit makes integration into existing hot water systems a breeze, saving substantial labor time.
  • Safety Features: With an integrated safety mixing valve, it prevents overheating and adheres to local building code requirements.
  • Easy Maintenance: Drain valves are designed for effortless draining using a standard garden hose.
  • Superior Insulation: Pre-insulated with Armacel closed cell insulation for optimal thermal retention.
  • High Compatibility: The manifold’s connections can easily fit with most solar hot water systems and existing cold / hot water connections.

Save time and reduce the installation costs associated with solar hot water heaters by opting for the SunMaxx Solar Manifold Kit. Its streamlined design allows for an easy integration with your existing hot water heater. The manifold is fitted with state-of-the-art ProPress connections, avoiding the need for soldering, and promoting a simple, swift, and reliable installation. Its integrated safety and maintenance features make it an ideal choice for a smooth and secure solar hot water heater setup.

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