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SunMaxx ThermoPower & TitanPower Thermosyphon Solar Collectors

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SunMaxx ThermoPower & TitanPower Thermosyphon Solar Collectors

Our complete line of thermosyphon solar collectors include both ThermoPower evacuated tube and TitanPower flat plate thermosyphon collectors, including an SRCC OG-300 model for maximizing your solar incentives and rebates (especially in CA).

Thermosyphon collectors are specially designed to perform in warmer climates, making them a great choice for customers in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands. However, they are also well suited for performance in colder northern climates.

The significant advantages of thermosyphon collectors include:

  • All inclusive packages – solar collector, storage tank and mounting frame
  • Fast, hassle-free installation
  • Limited lifetime maintenance
  • Low-cost option for warm, tropical climates

There are three types of ThermoPower thermosyphon collectors:

  • ThermoPower VTS-P: pressurized collectors
  • ThermoPower VTS-HP: pressurized collectors w/ heat pipes
  • ThermoPower VTS-NP: non-pressurized collectors

There are two types of TitanPower thermosyphon collectors:

  • TitanPower TSP: pressurized collectors
  • TitanPower TSNP: non-pressurized collectors

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Features & Benefits

  • Complete, All-In-One Package

    Each ThermoPower & TitanPower DIY Thermosyphon includes all of the major components you need for a complete installation right out of the box.

  • Fast, Do-It-Yourself Installation

    Save time and money by installing your own solar hot water system! Each DIY Thermosyphon kit is simple and fast to install for moderately experience DIYers and handymen.

  • Completely Passive Solar Heating Kits

    Just put your new Thermosyphon in the sun, sit back and enjoy the benefits of hot water without the expensive costs fossil fuels and traditional water heaters.

  • Low-Cost & High Efficiency Performance

    Each Thermosyphon kit is designed to deliver maximum performance and efficiency in all climates at a fraction of the cost of other leading solar hot water & heating systems.

ThermoPower VTS-HP-G

Pressurized Thermosyphon Collectors

ModelType# of TubesCapacity (G)People ServedFootprint (ft2)Dry Weight (lbs)
ThermoPower-VTS-HP30-GPressurized With Heat Pipe30802 - 647.9198
ThermoPower-VTS-HP15-GPressurized With Heat Pipe15401 - 224.5143

* Please call 1.877.786.6299 for exclusive contractor pricing.

Mounting to Asphalt or Metal Roof:

The following items are required for mounting to an asphalt or metal roof. Assembly below includes rated lab bolts and hardware for handling the load rating of the solar collector. Substituting non-SunMaxx mounting hardware will void the system warranty. For mounting to standing seam roof, please confirm the standing seam roof type prior to ordering.

Item Qty
ConnectMaxx-VTS30-1FM-V1 2
XMaxx-HW-M8-40mm-TBolt 12
ConnectMaxx-TRHW-M8-HEXNUT 12
XMaxx-HW-PLS30-Caulk 1

Mounting to Tile Roof

The following items are required for mounting to tile roof (Spanish tile, ceramic time, cement tile).

Item Qty
ConnectMaxx-VTS30-1FM-V1 2
ConnectMaxx-UV-QMUTM-TILE-V2 6
XMaxx-HW-M8-40mm-TBolt 12
ConnectMaxx-TRHW-M8-HEXNUT 12
XMaxx-HW-PLS30-Caulk 1

Safety and Pressure Regulation

The following items are required to ensure the system can safety operate. Failure to integrate these system components into the design will result in voiding of the collectors warranty.

Item Qty Description
XMaxx-HW-VALVE-75PSI-3/4IN-T&P 1 T & P value to ensure pressure of VTS does not exceed 75PSI.
XMaxx-HW-Valve-PR-3/4IN-PRESS-75PSI-LF 1 Pressure reducing value. System pressure should not exceed 75PSI
XMaxx-EXP-02G-3/4IN 1 3/4" 2G High Temperature expansion tank NSF listed
XMaxx-HW-Valve-Mixing-3/4IN-Sharkbite 1 Temperature mixing valve (DHW potable water rated) with sharkbite connections; suitable for us with copper pipe or pex (or mix)

Spare Parts

Item Qty Description
ThermoPower-A-VHP-58X1800MMTUBE-10 1 Box to spare glass tubes (heat pipes from the collector can be re-installed inside of glass tubes.

SRCC OG-300 Certification

Why OG-300 Certification Is Important:

Many SunMaxx ThermoPower Evacuated Tube Thermosyphon Solar Collectors are certified OG-300 approved by the SRCC. SunMaxx provides the SRCC OG-300 on our Thermosyphon solar hot water systems to better information and service our customers.

OG-300 Certification protects you, our valued customer, by ensuring that you have all of the relevant performance data for your thermosyphon solar hot water system before you purchase. By going through a 3rd party, the SRCC, for our certifications, you can trust that our collectors are independently tested and certified to provide the performance and energy production noted on our website and in our literature.

Ask your sales rep about OG-300 Certification today.

How Thermosyphon Solar Heaters Work


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How Thermosyphon Solar Heaters Work


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How Thermosyphon Solar Heaters Work


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How Thermosyphon Solar Heaters Work

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