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October 2020

US Embassy Integrated Solar Thermal Systems

US Embassies Worldwide Begin Integrating Solar Thermal System

US Embassies around the world start the process of making their facilities more energy efficient using solar hot water systems to supplement their existing hot water facilities. SunMaxx Solar is leading the way by helping embassies around the world take advantage of the sun's energy and cost effective solar thermal technology.Each solar system...

May 2020

Solar Hot Water Incentives in California are soon to be over

California Solar Initiative (CSI) Thermal program through PG&E ends this year

So far, people who have installed a solar hot water system have been able to receive up to $4,000 through the California Solar Initiative (CSI) Thermal program of PG&E. This program is now expiring. Applications submitted after July 31, 2020 will not be accepted.So if...

March 2018

FlowMaxx Flexible Solar Line Set Now NSF-61 Certified To Ensure Health Protections

SunMaxx is proud to announce that our FlowMaxx flexible solar line set is now certified under NSF-61 standards.  For years, SunMaxx’s FlowMaxx solar line set has been a industry standard in providing performance, affordability and ease of installation for thousands of solar hot water systems of all sizes across the US and around the world.NSF Certifications provides SunMaxx’s customers with...

SunMaxx Releases Newest SRCC OG-100 TitanPower Flat Plate Solar Collector – The ALDH29-V3

For years, SunMaxx’s line of TitanPower and TitanPowerPlus flat plate solar collectors have been industry leaders in performance, value and reliability.  TitanPower flat plate solar collectors are used in thousands of solar hot water installations across the US and around the world.Used in small single-home hot water systems and large commercial and municipal solar hot water systems, TitanPower...

SunMaxx Offers Two New SRCC OG-300 Certified DIY Solar Hot Water System Kits

Brand new for 2018 from SunMaxx are 2 new ThermoPower evacuated tube thermosyphon solar hot water systems.  These simple, complete kits are simple to install and are OG-300 certified by the SRCC (Solar Rating & Certification Corporation).There is a 15 tube system which produces roughly 40G of hot water and is great for households with 1 or 2 people. ...

StorMaxx Solar Storage Tanks Now UL Listed

SunMaxx’s line of StorMaxx solar hot water storage tanks are now UL Listed.  UL Listing was sought by SunMaxx in order to assure their customers of the performance, reliability and safety of StorMaxx solar hot water storage tanks, and to ensure compliance with state, federal and local regulations currently in place, and going forward.Full UL Listing on StorMaxx provides...

June 2015