FlowMaxx Solar Hot Water Piping Systems

The length of lineset depends on a factor like size of installation or how far is from solar collector to the solar tank. Linesets are sold in one length 82 ft. This package includes dual lineset where each have a 82 ft length. Usually this is a optimal solution for solar system. If you need a longer connection you can add an extra lineset and connect them using the stainless steel piping coupling. Remember that couplings are sell  in lineset sizes and they have to fit to a right lineset. 
In our offer we have three sizes of dual line set in pipe diameter 5/8", 3/4" or 1".  Lineset diameter depends on a size of the whole installation (number of collector or banks). For small domestic systems usually we are using 5/8" that it is the best solutions for this type. For larger system 3/4" or 1" diameter will be better to optimize the whole system. If you want to choose the right size, you can contact the engineering team. they will definitely  help you to make a right decision.
Flexible lineset is perfect solution for solar piping system. It has a lot of advantages, which make it better from other.Flexibility - all to make connection in every directions, suitable for every surface. Easy installation form in domestic or residential systems.Insulation - Pipe is insulated, you don't have to buy extra insulation and waste time on it.Sensor wire is included in a piping system covered by insulationEvery lineset has dual piping with insulation and sensor wire. Moreover it fully recommended for Solar SunMaxx system and guarantee the optimal connection to the solar collectors. In our offer there are three sizes of lineset  5/8", 3/4" and 1". For more information please contact us.