264G StorMaxx™ CTEC Solar Storage Tank W/ 2HX


  • 264 gallon StorMaxx™ CTEC Tank
  • 2 heat exchangers
  • perfect for combined systems
  • 39in x 80in (D x H)
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The StorMaxx™ CTEC 264G is a large solar hot water storage tank with 2 built-in coil heat exchangers, a durable steel body and a 4″ thick insulation jacket. The StorMaxx™ CTEC is great for larger residential and small commercial solar hot water system installations.

SunMaxx StorMaxx™ CTEC Solar Tank water heaters, offer a cost-effective water heating alternative. These tanks include a back-up electric element, which allows for the versatility of a stand alone solar water heater, or pipe it in as a pre-heat solar system.  Longer life equals to higher return on investment. Outer jacket made from steel and powder coated for a lasting, durable finish.

StorMaxx™ CTEC Tank Features

  • Suitable for combined systems
  • 2 Heat Exchanger inside the tank
  • 39 IN x 80 IN (DxH)
  • 264 gallons storage tank
  • Highly effective 4″ thick thermal insulation
  • Recommended for large residential system and small commercial systems

What parts & accessories do I need?

Universal fittings (for FlowMaxx series piping). Easy to stock in your tech-van, less parts to inventory.

Technical Details


  • Volume: 264 gal
  • Weight: 506 lbs
  • Diameter: 39 IN
  • Height: 80 IN
  • # of HX: 2
  • Insulation: 4″ thick

Technical Features:

  • Buffer Capacity: 255.5G
  • Heat Exchanger Capacity (DHW): 8.7G
  • Heat Exchanger Surface Area (DHW): 80.7 ft2
  • Heat Exchanger Capacity (Bottom): 4.9G
  • Heat Exchanger Surface Area (Bottom): 32.3 ft2
  • Heat Exchanger Operating Pressure (DHW): 232 PSI
  • Heat Exchanger Max Temperature (DHW): 230F
  • Heat Exchanger Operating Pressure (Bottom): 44 PSI
  • Heat Exchanger Max Temperature (Bottom): 203F
  • Buffer Tank Operating Pressure: 87 PSI
  • Buffer Tank Max Temperature: 203F
Yes you can. But we are recommending to use dedicated parts to our installations. All products can be easily connected using the SunMaxx Solar products. Moreover they we designed to different type of connections. Changing the parts and system installation may led to some problems or improper way of working the system.  If it is not enough for you , call us we will help you.
Optional parts are highlighted in each product sections on product site. Buying a tank is a piece of whole installation, there a some products like piping system, connection between them and collectors. The size of this elements should be chosen in a right way, suitable  to installation and customer requirements. Number of additional parts depends on a size of installation and type of building. If you have more direct questions, don't hesitate to contact us. The engineering team definitely helps you.

The StorMaxx Series include four types of solar tanks, which area designed for all working area form small to huge installations.

SE Series

Small solar tank designed for residential systems suitable max. for 3 collectors. Every tank include additional electric heater (4500 W), which can be used to heating a water if its needed. These tank have long life, so the will be higher return in investments.

CTEC Series

Solar tank suitable for combined systems (6 ports for supply , stratification and re-circulation). The tank has an easy installation process and removable insulation in order to fit in a 32 inch entry ways. In this tank it is possible to apply up to 3 heat exchangers. Suitable for large residential installation or small commercial installation.

ETEC Series

Solar tank are suitable for storage of hot water without contamination and has long-life time due to special material SUS 316L inner material. It also has a excellent thermal performance and there is a possibility to add an incorporated electric heater.

Non-Pressurized Series

Commercial/Industrial Solar Hot Water tanks which can be used in huge installations (volume 50-5000 G). The heat exchanger is not included - bought separately. Tanks are made in the USA and there is a possibility to add up to 12 heat exchangers. These tanks can store large amount of solar energy at low temperatures, which reduce costs and improve the overall performance of the system.

The volume of storage tanks depends on type of tank.  Every tank is different and has own advantage in specific area (domestic, commercial, industrial). In our offer you can find small tank for domestic usage to the huge tanks which can be used for industrial projects. Standard store tank volume depending of the number of people:
  • for 2-4 people - 80 Gallons
  • for 3-6 people - 120 Gallons
If there will be more direct question, don't hesitate to contact to the engineering team. The volume of the tank starts form 50 gallons  to 5000 gallons. Everyone will find suitable tank for own needs.
There are some variables which determine the right size of solar tank:
  • Annual Heating Costs
  • Number Of Collectors Installed
  • Water Consumption Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly
  • Required Water Temperature
  • Space Availability
If you need more information you can contact the engineering team, they help to you to choose right tank or ask some additional questions.
In our offer there are two series StorMaxx SE and StorMaxx ETEC, which have an possibility to provide additional heat form electric heat exchanger.  These solutions are used in situation, when the water temperature is under the expectations. This system helps solar system to heat water inside the tank using the electric power.
The dimensions depends on a type/model of the tank. Before you start, check on the website the dimensions of tank which you choose. Every parameter is included (diameter, height ) in the tank features and also in the specification.  These dimension can help you to check/measure the space availability for your new tank.
The weight of tank depends on a size/volume of product.  These information are included in datasheets and on every product size. Remember that weight is without water inside the tank, so you will have to add some extra weight. Tank should stand on a flat concrete surface and can be connected to the ground using seismic anchor kit. The concrete pad should be 6" thick made with concrete minimum strength of 3000 PSI. Also you can installed tank on another surface, but it should resist weight of a whole system and has a optimal strength like a concrete.
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  • 7 years limited on tank and coil heat exchanger
  • 3 years limited on tank and coil heat exchanger in all commercial installations