264G StorMaxx CTEC Solar Storage Tank W/ 2HX

264G StorMaxx CTEC Solar Storage Tank W/ 2HX

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The StorMaxx CTEC 264G is a large solar hot water storage tank with 2 built-in coil heat exchangers, a durable steel body and a 4″ thick insulation jacket. The StorMaxx CTEC is great for larger residential and small commercial solar hot water system installations.

SunMaxx StorMaxx CTEC Solar Tank water heaters, offer a cost-effective water heating alternative. These tanks include a back-up electric element, which allows for the versatility of a stand alone solar water heater, or pipe it in as a pre-heat solar system.  Longer life equals to higher return on investment. Outer jacket made from steel and powder coated for a lasting, durable finish.


  • Buffer Capacity: 255.5G
  • Heat Exchanger Capacity (DHW): 8.7G
  • Heat Exchanger Surface Area (DHW): 80.7 ft2
  • Heat Exchanger Capacity (Bottom): 4.9G
  • Heat Exchanger Surface Area (Bottom): 32.3 ft2
  • Heat Exchanger Operating Pressure (DHW): 232 PSI
  • Heat Exchanger Max Temperature (DHW): 230F
  • Heat Exchanger Operating Pressure (Bottom): 44 PSI
  • Heat Exchanger Max Temperature (Bottom): 203F
  • Buffer Tank Operating Pressure: 87 PSI
  • Buffer Tank Max Temperature: 203F