Solar Storage Tanks

StorMaxx Series
Solar Tanks

StorMaxx solar hot water storage tanks from SunMaxx are industry-leading solar storage tanks ideal for a variety of residential, commercial and municipal solar hot water and heating applications, including:

  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Radiant / Space Heating
  • Pool / Spa Heating
  • Process Heating

StorMaxx solar hot water storage tanks are available in a variety of sizes making them ideal for the smallest 2 person domestic hot water system to the largest commercial / municipal solar heating system.

StorMaxx solar storage tanks are used in thousands of solar hot water and heating systems across the United States and around the world. Top StorMaxx tank users include Fort Hood US Army Base, Westchester Community College, the Broome County YMCA and many, many more.

StorMaxx solar hot water storage tanks come in a wide range of sizes for a wide range of projects so there is surely one just right for the install at hand. We have tanks for various system sizes ranging from 50 up to even 5000 gallons in storage capacity depending on a model and include copper coil heat exchanger which make the tanks hook up easily to any SunMaxx system.

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StorMaxx SE Series Solar Tank

The StorMaxx SE is a durable porcelain enamel, glass-lined tank. Highly resistant to abrasive water. Not susceptible to damage due to the presence of chloride in the water. Built to last - Inner tank is hand-crafted from heavy gauge steel. Longer life equals a higher "Return on Investment".Outer jacket made from steel and powder coated for a lasting, durable finish.

• Automatic controls - immersion aquastat used
• Factory installed brass drain valve - accessible, tamper-proof
• Factory installed T&P valve - CSA listed
• 2" Non-CFC foam insulation - decreases standby heat loss

ModelVolume (G)Weight (lb)Diameter (in)Height (in)# Heat ExchangersLearn More
StorMaxx-SE-050-1HX-EE502362354.31 Click here
StorMaxx-SE-080-2HX-EE8027623.670.52 Click here
StorMaxx-SE-119-2HX-EE11937527.674.82 Click here


StorMaxx CTEC Series Solar Tank

StorMaxx CTEC solar hot water storage tanks are large 211 gallon, low pressure solar thermal storage tanks. CTec tanks have three internal exchanger coils and enough insulation to earn them an R-value of 16.

• 2 bare tube steel coil heat exchangers
• 1 corrugated stainless steel coil heat exchanger for DHW
• 6 ports for supply, return, stratification and recirculation
• Sensor ports Included
• 4" CFC Free soft foam insulation with PVC coating

ModelVolume (G)Weight (lb)Diameter (in)Height (in)# Heat ExchangersLearn More
StorMaxx-CTEC-264-2HX-V426450639802 Click here


StorMaxx ETEC Series

StorMaxx ETEC solar tanks are suitable for storage of hot water without contamination and for long lifetime due to their stainless steel SUS 316L inner material. Because of the large thickness of polyurethane insulation, the tank exhibits very good thermal performance.

• 2 bare tube steel coil heat exchangers
• A copper coil consisting of 0.6in diameter tube provides very good heat exchange
• Incorporated electric heater to heat water when necessary
• Equipped with a TP pressure release valve to ensure tank safety

ModelVolume (G)Weight (lb)Diameter (in)Height (in)# Heat ExchangersLearn More
StorMaxx-ETEC-132-2HX-V113227828742 Click here


StorMaxx NP Non-Pressure Commercial Solar Storage Tanks

SunMaxx manufactures a variety of solar hot water storage tanks designed for commercial and government installations. Combining both European and U.S. technology, these tanks store large amounts of solar energy at lower temperatures, which will reduce costs and improve the quality and overall performance of the solar systems.

• Capacities from 150G up to 5000G
• Ships flat and crated
• Durable, efficient design & manufacturing

StorMaxx NP Non-Pressure Commercial Solar Storage Tanks

ModelVolume (G)Weight (lb)Diameter (in)Height (in)# Heat ExchangersLearn More
StorMaxx-NP-0150G-4FT15012936481 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0200G-4FT20013740481 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0225G-4FT22514144481 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0250G-4FT25015548482 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0300G-4FT30016652483 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0400G-4FT40018558483 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0400G-5FT40022252602 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0500G-4FT50020664484 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0500G-5FT50022658603 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0600G-4FT60022770485 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0600G-5FT60026464604 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0700G-4FT70024176486 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0700G-5FT70027067605 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0800G-4FT80026780487 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0800G-5FT80027470605 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0800G-6FT80028163725 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-0950G-5FT95030976606 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-1000G-5FT100033880607 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-1200G-4FT120035996489 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-1200G-5FT120037186608 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-1300G-4FT13003861004810 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-1500G-5FT150042696609 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-1500G-6FT15004138672- Click here
StorMaxx-NP-1700G-7FT170066686848 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-1900G-6FT190072396729 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-2000G-6FT20007541007210 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-2100G-5FT21007321106010 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-2200G-7FT220077496849 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-2500G-5FT25007841206012 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-2800G-7FT28009251088410 Click here
StorMaxx-NP-3500G-7FT3500106412084- Click here
StorMaxx-NP-4000G-7FT4000117912684- Click here
StorMaxx-NP-4500G-7FT4500127813584- Click here
StorMaxx-NP-5000G-7FT5000134414284- Click here

StorMaxx Series
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