Can I connect my pool to my solar hot water heating system?

Yes you sure can. Using the pool as a heat dump in the summer is very easy to do and very beneficial, not only to your wallet but a warm pool makes a happy wife. We have many clients that are doing this very thing with their “extra” energy from the solar loop, especially for solar combi-systems.  Here is how you do it:

You will need a stainless steel shell and tube heat exchanger, a motorized, three port valve and some extra piping. Ask you sales rep for a schematic to help you. Using the three-port valve on the hot side of the solar loop, pipe the SS HEX in parallel with the tank. Wire the three-port valve to relay two on your SmartMaxx controller and program the controller so that relay two activates the valve when your tank reaches max temp (170 deg F). Be sure and set your pool pump to run during the day. You will re-plumb your pool loop through the SS HEX and it will steal heat from the solar loop warming the pool and cooling the Solar array- saving you money.

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