SunMaxx Manufacturing Videos

Check out exactly how SunMaxx designs and manufactures the world’s leading solar thermal collectors, accessories and systems in these great videos covering the manufacturing process of some of our most popular solar thermal products and system components.

Making ThermoPower Evacuated Tubes Video

Join us as we take a fascinating look into the creation of the SunMaxx Solar ThermoPower evacuated tubes. These tubes are created in several steps including forming the inner and outer tubes, combining the two together and vacuuming the air out between the layers.TitanPower Evacuated Tube Collector Product PageProduct BrochuresThermoPower VHP Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors ThermoPower VDF Evacuated...

Making ConnectMaxx Solar Mounting Hardware Video

Join us as we take a look into the manufacturing process of one of the biggest advantage SunMaxx Solar has on it's competitors, the easy to use ConnectMaxx mounting hardware. ConnectMaxx mounting hardware is extremely easy to assemble and with it's channeled rail design, easy to adjust to any size or configuration with out the need to measuring and cutting.

Making SmartMaxx Solar Thermal Controllers Video

Join us as we take a look at the manufacturing process of the SunMaxx Solar SmartMaxx digital controller. The SmartMaxx controller makes it easy to read almost any measurable involved with your solar thermal system. View the temperature of the tank, collector, heat exchanger, second tank, second collector and some controllers can do many more. SmartMaxx controller accessories also allow...

Making TitanPower Flat Plate Collectors Video

Join us as we watch SunMaxx Solar manufacture the incredible powerful and efficient TitanPower Flat Plate solar thermal collector. These flat plates are manufactured in our state of the art facility and use state of the art materials and technology. Backed with mineral wool, encased in a sturdy aluminum housing, protected by tough tempered glass and powered by TiNOX Technology,...