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Solar Hot Water Webinar Archive

Part 7 of the SunMaxx Commissioning Series: Commissioning Stories & Troubleshooting

Part 6 of the SunMaxx Commissioning Series: Basic Controller Function

Part 4 of the SunMaxx Commissioning Series: Filling the System

Part 3 of the SunMaxx Commissioning Series: Determining Target Pressure

Part 2 of the SunMaxx Commissioning Series: Pressure Testing and Cleaning

Part 1 of the SunMaxx Commissioning Series: The Thermal Filling Station

Collector Orientation: Sun Paths Follow Up

Sun Paths: Reasons for the Seasons Follow Up

Winter Solstice Celebration: Reasons for the Seasons

Data Acquisition Systems for PV with Francine Notte

EVT’s Part 2 – The Science of Evacuated Tubes

EVT’s Part 1 – The Science of Evacuated Tubes

Micro-inverters Design and Installation

Micro-inverters Design and Installation-20111114 1658-1.mp4

The TitanPower plus SU Series of Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Flat Plate VS Evacuated Tubes

Flat Plate VS Evacuated Tubes

The New StorMaxx PTec Version 2 Tanks

How a Solar Thermal System Works

NEC 2008 vs the changes reflected in NEC 2011 – Part 2

Combi System

Grant is going to demonstrate and explain the combi-system in this informative webinar

Installing the New UniMaxxPlus Pump Station

Join SunMAxx Solar educator, John M as he explains how to install the New UniMaxxPlus Pump Station

Data Logger Part 1

Data Logger Part 1 with Grant!  

NEC 2008 vs the changes reflected in NEC 2011 – Part 1

NEC 2008 vs the changes reflected in NEC 2011 Part 1 Join us for part 2 September 19  

The SunMaxx Solar Dealer Portal

A look at the huge amount of resources instantly accessible online to SunMaxx Solar dealers and how to access them

Solar Hot Water Steamback 08.08.2011

Join John as he discusses: What happens when a closed loop system stagnates and should I worry about it?

Energy Transfer 08.01.2011

Join John as he discusses radiation, conduction, and convection: the science behind solar thermal systems.

Sales Strategies For The Solar Installer 07.25.2011

Join Sales Specialist Adam Lee as he shares his expertise. He will be discussing sales strategies for the solar installer.

Amazing facts about the solar resource and how a solar cell works 07.18.2011

Join Fran Notte of ETM Solar for this webinar that explores the enormity of the solar resource with astronomical facts and statistical demonstrations of the amount of energy emanating from the sun. It explains how the planet can be powered exclusively by the sun’s energy. Included is a brief explanation of how a solar cell is constructed and how it uses the sun’s energy to convert sunlight into electricity.

Roof Orientation 07.11.2011

Join the newest member to the SunMaxx Solar team and solar thermal educator John Maliwacki for a webinar on roof orientation. This back to basics webinar will go over roof orientation, azimuth and positioning of solar thermal collectors.

Solar Hot Water Collector Mounting 06.27.2011

Flush mount, tilt mount, free standing….what to choose? SunMaxx Solar educator John Maliwacki will discuss mounting strategies for evacuated tube and flat plate solar hot water collectors.

SunMaxx Product Overview 06.20.2011

SunMaxx has it all! Join John Maliwacki as he explains the vast SunMaxx Solar product offerings and their attributes. Storage Tanks, Evacuated Tubes and Flat Plates, oh my!

Steam, Dump or Drain 03.28.2011

There is a heated debate in the solar thermal industry regarding what to do with excess production and freeze protection. This webinar, presented by Todd Paternoster will boil down the basics of solar thermal system design so that no matter what, your system will not overheat or freeze.

Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Kits 06.13.2011

Solar thermal made easy!! SunMaxx HelioMaxx prepackaged solar hot water kits have all the parts and components needed for a successful installation. Join SunMaxx educator John Maliwacki for this webinar on HelioMaxx kits.

Drainback Systems 05.09.2011

An american invention and here to stay. Drainbacks are preferred among many of the seasoned installers. Todd Paternoster will discuss why this is so and some of the important considerations to make when deciding on a drainback as well as important considerations for installation of drainbacks.

Flat Plate vs. Evacuated Tubes 03.21.2011

Todd Paternoster gives us a completely unbiased look at the difference of the two types of solar thermal collectors helping you to decide which one is right for you.

SunMaxx Solar Thermal System Accessories 03.14.2011

Todd Paternoster goes over some of the most popular solar thermal accessories offered by SunMaxx Solar in the weekly webinar. Accessories include pump stations, heat exchangers, mounting hardware, line set and a few brand new products offered by SunMaxx Solar

Solar Thermal Storage Tanks 02.28.2011

Todd Paternoster goes over selecting a solar thermal storage tank for your system.

Using Retscreen 02.22.2011

A video demonstrating how to use Retscreen for efficient system sizing and design.

Solar Thermal Piping 02.07.2011

Maintenance and Troubleshooting 01.31.2011

Working with T*SOL Pro 4.5 01.10.2011

**This webinar had technical difficulties in the first several minutes. The webinar does begin shortly so please be patient or scroll forward to an appropriate time frame in the recording. Thank you. SUNMAXX SOLAR HOT WATER SOLUTIONS Working with T*SOL Pro 4.5 Presented by: Sam Portnoff Date: 01/10/2011 Everything should be up and running. So, my name is Sam Portnoff, I’m an engineer here at SunMaxx Solar, and today we’re going to talk about working with T*SOL Pro 4.5. T*SOL is a solar thermal simulating software that we use. So, I’m just going to go and take you through that. […]

Using Heat Exchangers 01.03.2011

Todd Paternoster goes into a brief overview of how to properly use and size a heat exchanger for a solar thermal system.

NYSERDA Solar Thermal Incentives for New York State 12.16.2010

Todd Paternoster discusses the NYSERDA solar thermal incentive for both residential and commercial applications.

Mounting Strategies 11.22.2010

Webinar that discusses mounting strategies and using ConnectMaxx mounting hardware for mounting your solar thermal system in several different fashions from tilt mount to flush mount and everywhere in between.

Programming IntellaMaxx Controllers 11.15.2010

Information on programming IntellaMaxx solar hot water system controllers in the weekly webinar on

Fundamentals in Steamback Design 11.08.2010

Webinar on the fundamentals of steamback design and how to design a proper steamback system.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance II 11.01.2010

All good installers must have a service and maintenance agreement and the know how to execute efficiently. This webinar will cover the essentials in maintenance and troubleshooting a Solar Thermal System.

Drainback Systems 10.18.2010

A conceptual framework for the proper installation of a drainback system for DHW both new and retrofit using Sunmaxx TitanPower flat plates and well as ThermoPower VHP’s.

Mounting Strategies 10.04.2010

The mounting strategies that can be used to safely secure your collectors, whether racked or stand alone, to roofs. Ensuring that you wont get called back should be the simplest of your priorities.

Solar Thermal System Commissioning 9.20.2010

The proper procedure for commissioning your new solar hot water or solar heating system, and why doing it correctly is vital to system performance and cost-effectiveness.

IntellaMaxx Solar Controllers 9.17.2010

Discover how IntellaMaxx Solar Hot Water Controllers work to keep your solar hot water or solar heating system working properly and saving you money. Also, why is an IntellaMaxx Solar Hot Water Controller one of the most vital components of any new solar hot water or solar heating system

Combi Heating System Design 9.13.2010

Sizing and design for solar thermal combi systems. Combi Systems combine solar hot water and solar radiant heating into a great all-in-one solar heating solution for homes and businesses

Solar Thermal Piping 9.1.2010

Discover the proper ways to pipe a new SunMaxx Solar Hot Water or Solar Heating System to ensure proper system flow, limited maintenance and the highest possible performance.

SunMaxx Product Overview 8.23.2010

All of the great SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Products you can offer your customers…including, evacuated tube solar collectors, flat plate solar collectors, solar storage tanks, pre-packaged kits and more

Solar Thermal Site Survey 8.16.2010

Straight from SunMaxx – how to complete a professional solar hot water and solar heating site survey so you always know that you get all the information you need in order to get your customers the hot water system they really need

Solar Hot Water System Sizing 7.6.2010

Discover how to properly size a SunMaxx Solar Hot Water System, so that you can always give your customers the perfect solar hot water system for their needs that provides the most energy savings and the shortest possible payback period at the same time.

Solar Hot Water Mounting Strategies 6.28.2010

Learn the different ways to properly, securely and safely mount your SunMaxx Evacuated Tube or Flat Plate Solar Collectors so that you can personal injury or property damage due to bad weather or poor installation

Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Kits 6.21.2010

HelioMaxx Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Kits are one of the hottest trends in the Solar Industry – including all major components needed for a fast, hassle-free installation. Discover everything you need to know in this webinar replay

Solar Storage Tanks 5.21.2010

Everything you ever wanted (or needed) to know about all of the different SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks.

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