HONDA iDream Student Challenge Winner Designs Electric Car

HONDA iDream Student Challenge Winner Designs Electric Car

Honda recently announced the winners of the first iDream Student Challenge at the 2010 Honda Initiation Grant (HIG) Technical Horizon Symposium in Columbus, Ohio. With a focus on technologies that advance the quality of human life, the iDream Student Challenge is a scholarship program designed to inspire new thinking to everyday challenges and foster a spirit of innovation among the leaders of tomorrow.

This year’s competition included 19 teams of Ohio State University science and engineering students, whose projects offered creative engineering solutions and innovative technologies in one of three categories: Electronics, Mobility, and Materials. A total of $60,000 in grant funding was awarded to the top three teams in each category.

In the Mobility category, Solar Solutions, comprised of team members Brad Engel, Michael Nesteroff, and Jake Wither along with their faculty mentor, Professor Yann Guezennec, won first place with their project, “Solar Thermal Electric Car Charging Station”. The project focused on designing a system that would utilize solar thermal technology to produce electricity to charge electric vehicles.

The winning design has now moved into the production stage of its development. The Solar Solutions team will incorporate SunMaxx ThermoPower-VHP evacuated tube solar collectors and a SunMaxx solar thermal storage tank. The team also relied on data and technical information from SunMaxx Solar, which the team used as points of reference in their presentations.

SunMaxx congratulates Solar Solutions on receiving this award and is proud to have played a part in this unique implementation of solar thermal technology.

For more information about the Honda iDream Student Challenge and the Solar Solutions winning project, please visit:

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