Residential Benefits of Solar Hot Water

Benefits of Residential Solar Hot Water

Residential Benefits of Solar Hot Water

Residential solar hot water, often referred to as residential solar thermal, is a smart homeowner investment. It is one of the few investments which will give money to the home. The cost of a basic system is comparable to a gas or electric hot water system, and the investment in the future is priceless. No other investment, whether it be a car, washer, lawn mower, or refrigerator, can promise the same return as a solar thermal system, for a number of reasons.

Money Saved

It seems that the mantra of solar hot water companies is, “Save Money!” There’s a reason for that. The average home owner can nearly eliminate the need for an outside hot water source with a solar thermal system. As a result, the need for electric or gas to heat the water is reduced, and payment to outside companies is lessened. Homeowners can theoretically stop paying for hot water, which is money in the bank. Combined with SunMaxx’s various product warranties, homeowners are able to continue to save money for years after the system is installed.

Freedom from Utility Companies

It is expected that the home with only a solar hot water system will still pay utilities for electricity, but the electricity bill will lower. The average home uses the local utility company to provide heat and water to their home; after a solar thermal system is installed, that electric bill will be reduced by 30-50%! Imagine reducing your electric bill by up to half its current rate. What would you do with that money? The average homeowner also avoids rising utility rates through solar use – the system is yours to own, whereas the energy from the utility company is only yours to rent.

Rebates and Incentives

There are individual rebates available from each homeowner’s state as well as rebates available from the federal government. The average homeowner is able to receive up to 30% from the federal government for having a system on the home. If a homeowner only received the federal rebates, the system would begin paying for itself within a few years. Fortunately, most states in the United States offer additional rebates, so the savings begin as almost immediately after as system is installed. For more information, visit

Environmental Factors

Climate change is no longer a myth. Scientists have determined, through weather patterns, that climate change is here. If we don’t react, we will leave nothing for future generations. There are many ways we can reduce our carbon footprint, and heating our water with the sun is among the smartest solutions. The sun is a giant star that won’t burn out for another billion years. The oil under the ground will not renew itself once it is used. It seems that solar is the most intelligent solution to many of our environmental issues.

If you need further proof that solar will help, please review the following government website:

Home Investment

According to the Appraisal Institute, solar panels will increase the value of your home, depending on your home’s location. Adding solar panels before selling your home may increase your asking price. If the asking price cannot be increased, the value of the home to shoppers may increase simply because the system is already in place and the new owners will have little to no water heating costs.

Typically, a solar hot water system will add between $8,000 and $20,000 in home value for every $1,000 in annual energy savings it generates. Also, your property tax can not be increased because of the additional value generated by a solar hot water system.

Hot Water During Natural Disasters and Emergencies

Natural disasters, blackouts, and human-caused trauma happens everywhere. When the electricity is eliminated due to one of these travesties, the hot water disappears with it. A solar thermal home does not lose its hot water, because the heat in the water does not depend on electric or gas. The sun is always free. SunMaxx systems will work even during cloudy days, because the sun rays come through the clouds to continue to provide heat. Therefore, the homeowner with the residential solar thermal system will never have to worry about losing hot water during an emergency situation.

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