SunMaxx Solar attends Utah solar tour and solar park opening ceremony

SunMaxx Solar attends Utah solar tour and solar park opening ceremony

Utah Solar Tour 2010

The Utah Solar Energy Association (UtSEA), in partnership with TRA-Mage, Inc., is proud to announce the Utah Solar Tour 2010. This event is an open invitation to students, members of the media and state government officials to the new Solar Educational Park.

Currently finalizing construction in American Fork, Utah, this park is designed to inform the public about the latest practical applications in solar technology, including solar tracking, solar racking and solar mounting systems. UtSEA and TRA-Mage, Inc. share a common vision of increased education and adoption in Utah and the Utah Solar Tour 2010 is a major step toward achieving that goal.

SunMaxx Solar also shares this vision. In continuing with our commitment to solar thermal education and public awareness, SunMaxx Solar will participate in the Utah Solar Tour 2010 by having a booth display set up at the TRA-Mage, Inc. facility in American Fork. Visitors to the booth will be able to not only learn about SunMaxx Solar’s industry-leading product lines, but also become more informed about the many advantages of solar thermal technology as an alternative to today’s conventional water and space heating options. SunMaxx will have a demonstration model to better illustrate how a solar thermal system operates.

The Utah Solar Tour 2010 kicks off on September 24, 2010 with a media day, with the official opening day set for September 25.

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