SunMaxx Installation Videos

Get the step by step process for assembling and installing our most popular solar thermal collectors, systems and accessories right from our team of professionals in these solar thermal installation videos from SunMaxx.

ThermoPower Install in New Jersey with Ed Part 2

Join us as we watch Ed continue to explain his extremely efficient system he has installed on his residential home in New Jersey. Watch Part 1 Here ThermoPower Evacuated Tube Product Page Product Brochures ThermoPower VHP Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors ThermoPower VDF Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Project Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Installation ThermoPower-VHP Heat Pipe Collectors ThermoPower-VDF U-Pipe Collectors Thermosyphon Installation Guide Certification SunMaxx ThermoPower-VHP10 SunMaxx ThermoPower-VHP20 SunMaxx ThermoPower-VHP25 SunMaxx ThermoPower-VHP30 Keymark Certification Testing Data