Solar Training Chicago: SunMaxx Solar Hot Water/ Solar Thermal Installer Training Offered in Chicago

Solar Training Chicago: SunMaxx Solar Hot Water/ Solar Thermal Installer Training Offered in Chicago

SunMaxx Solar‘s Chicago Solar Thermal Training Course on March 31, 2010. The Chicago Solar Training Course is designed for anyone in the Chicago area interested in the solar thermal market, solar thermal installations, and solar hot water and solar space heating applications. It is well suited for contractors looking to enter the industry as well as experienced solar PV and solar thermal installers. All Chicago Solar Thermal Training Course attendees will be eligible to become certified SunMaxx Solar Thermal Dealer-Installers.

If you’re a plumbing, heating, or HVAC contractor and you haven’t heard of solar thermal, you need to come to this course. Solar Thermal is the most cost-effective solar technology in the world, with the number of U.S. installations quintupling since 2005. In addition, it is directly related to your industry, and you can now attend solar training right in Chicago, IL. Solar thermal can provide free solar heat energy for a building to offset up to 60% of energy use for space heating and 90% of the energy use for hot water. It is one of the easiest ways to get LEED certification. There are billions in solar government contracts, and SunMaxx is your partner to land them.

The Chicago Solar Thermal Training Course is designed to help new solar installers enter the solar thermal installation market in the Chicago area.

Attendees will find this Chicago Solar Training Course an enlightening and powerful entry into the exciting world of solar thermal training and solar thermal installation. Experienced contractors will get a refresher on solar thermal installation and an introduction to the latest, most powerful, solar thermal technologies – SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Heaters and Systems.

SunMaxx would like to remind interested attendees to register early for the Chicago Solar Training Course, so that they are not left out when the course fills up to capacity. Please contact Kirsten at 800 786 0329, ext 245 to register today.

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