StorMaxx PTEC Solar Thermal Storage Tank Video

StorMaxx PTEC Solar Thermal Storage Tank Video

Watch as Todd goes over on of the most popular tanks in the solar thermal business, the StorMaxx PTec Tank. The PTec tanks are high quality tanks loaded with features such as two internal coil heat exchangers, a large cleaning flange, enamel lining and a thick foam jacket.

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StorMaxx PTEC Tanks

Hi this is Todd Paternoster with SunMaxx Solar. I’d just like to take a few minutes to introduce you to our latest and greatest solar thermal storage tank. I took the top off to show you that we have a closed foam, there’s 2 inches of foam around this steel tank with an ice foam zipper jacket. One of the nice features about this is we have two coils. We have a bottom coil for the solar loop and a top coil to bring in extra heat from an indirect hot water heater. But another nice feature is this recirculation return loop. Stratification is optimizing not only your collector efficiency, but optimizing the number of BTUs you have in the tank. It’s all about the quality of the BTUs, not the number of BTUs. So with a recirculation return port such as this, we’re pulling off from the top of the tank and we’re coming right back into the top of the tank for our heat loop or for a domestic hot water tank, while we maintain the coldest part of the tank at the bottom for our solar input. Which means we have a longer run time and we have a higher efficiency on the tank. This tank is an enamel-lined, steel tank. So we have several barriers to corrosion, first one being the baked on enamel on the steel, but there’s also a magnesium anode, which is a beefier anode than you’ll typically find in hot water tanks. So we have a double barrier to corrosion, the enamel and the anode rod. There are two sensors, which is standard, the bottom sensor is used for solar tie-in, the top sensor port is used to tie into an indirect water heater or as a recirculation port, or as recirculation port for an existing hot water tie-in. They’re very manageable to move around. They’re relatively light weight as far as tanks go. They come in 50, 65, 80, 105, 130, and we’re exploring some much larger combitanks in to the 200-300 gallon range, which are going to be extremely effective at tying into home heating systems. So the SunMaxx StorMaxx PTEC tanks are a very good solution for preheat solar hot water systems and combisystem design. Thanks.

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