George and the Solar Thermal System Install on His Apartment Building In Sidney NY

George and the Solar Thermal System Install on His Apartment Building In Sidney NY

George Edwards Solar Thermal System - Apartment Building Sidney NYJoin us as we talk with George Edwards in Sidney, NY to talk about the solar thermal system installed on his apartment building. George talks about installing the system himself and the support he received from SunMaxx Solar wall installing his solar thermal system.

Video Transcript

SunMaxx Testimonial with George Edwards

Todd: Todd Paternoster with SunMaxx Solar, continuing the Sidney Solar Tour. We ran into another homeowner, George Edwards, who installed the system on his own. It was a pretty big undertaking for anybody, let alone someone who wasn’t necessarily a certified installer. I don’t know, I can’t think of anybody that I’ve experienced that’s been able to take a system like this and get it functional without the proper training. So what George has got is a 300 (evacuated) tube system, with a 900-gallon storage tank that throws hot air into his rental apartment building. And George, from your initial first winter, what’s your reaction to the performance?

George: Well, it’s been good…I think probably, so far this year I’ve saved about $500 dollars in fuel oil.

Todd: Okay.

George: Last year of course the sun went away right after Thanksgiving and didn’t come back for a while, so I don’t think it was a really good year to judge. But I did heat all six apartments’ hot water all summer long. Hot water heaters never turned on.

Todd: And that’s pro-bono right?

George: Yeah it is…but it enables me to do something with the rent, so it helps.

Todd: Sure.

George: I’m looking for a good winter this winter, so far the system’s been working real well. And I don’t think I’ve used probably, I don’t know, 30 gallons of fuel oil this year.

Todd: Great!

George: Which is wonderful compared to this place, which has used probably 150 gallons.

Todd: Well, like I mentioned, you attempted a big task on your own. Can you comment on any support that you were happy to get from SunMaxx?

George: Oh sure. I used a rail system to mount that on the roof, and you guys thought that would be very good because there’d be less snow retention underneath the tubes. And it works very very well. I went to see you guys about balancing and you taught me how to do it, and I did what you told me to do and it worked perfectly.

Todd: Great.

George: I think that’s where a lot of people get into trouble…when they go to get a tutorial, they’re told what to do, and then they just sort of do what they feel like doing anyway. I always did exactly what you guys told me to do, and it always worked out really really well.

Todd: That’s good to know. So an upgrade that you might .. I see that you were able to tie the hot water into the tanks, so that’s done. Does that take care of your production in the summer, or do you have any excess, do you have to dump some still?

George: I had one vacant apartment this summer and so I did have to turn the hot water on occasionally to get rid of it. Heat.

Todd: Oh okay. I see.

George: But with all six apartments rented, it should be a perfectly balanced system through the summers. If my tenants take more showers, I’ll be all set.

Todd: George can I ask you any…were you able to take advantage of any of the New York state, or Federal tax credits? George: Yeah. Todd: Did that process run smooth?

George: Yeah everything was fine.

Todd: Good. Well I’m glad we ran into George, we’re just running around town doing the Solar Tour.

George: Well thank you for the talk. It was a great adventure and I look forward to many years of useful productivity.

Todd: Very good. Thanks George.

George: Thanks for your time.

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