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One Year Later, New York Resident Realizes Solar Thermal System Payback


New York resident, Peter N., installed a SunMaxx Solar Thermal Hot Water system in his home. One year later, he is truly seeing the payback in going solar.

Peter cannot hold his excitement to himself. He tells us he has shared the amazing news with all his neighbors. He says, “the system provides over 90% of our hot water needs outside of the heating season. During the heating season, the system also supplements radiant heating.”

Not only that, this Middleport resident also qualified for New York’s state and federal rebates. The system initially cost $7,635, and Peter claims the payback was worth it, “I received up to 70% Federal plus State Rebates for my system!”

The system does supplement Peter’s radiant heating, with the primary heat source being ground loop water to water heat pump. The top coil in the holding tank will be used for additional floor heat.

The system included 60 SunMaxx Solar ThermoPower Evacuated Tubes, and two 105 gallon coil tanks feeding a 120 gallon domestic hot water tank. The system is also plumbed to allow future expansion.

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