SunMaxx Solar and GEO-Tec Solar Industries Announce Partnership – Bringing together European and North American Solar Theremal Technology

SunMaxx Solar and GEO-Tec Solar Industries Announce Partnership – Bringing together European and North American Solar Theremal Technology

San Francisco, CA USA (July 13, 2010) –North America’s solar thermal innovator, SunMaxx Solar, and one of Europe’s most experienced solar thermal manufacturers, GEO-TEC Solar Industries, announced their international partnership at Intersolar North America in San Francisco. The cooperation bridges SunMaxx Solar’s evacuated tube solar technology with GEO-TEC Solar Industries state of the art flat panel collector line. The comprehensive SunMaxx Solar product portfolio will be complemented by GEO-TEC Solar Industries leading European system components including storage tanks, controllers, mounting systems and prepackaged pump stations.

Adam Farrell, SunMaxx Solar CEO, stated, “Our customers and dealers will benefit the most from this partnership. GEO-TEC Solar Industries adds extensive experience to our market-leading technical support and product development. The cooperation will allow us to provide cutting edge European technology and enhanced supply chain logistics to the growing North American markets”. GEO-TEC Solar Industries CEO Klaus Mischensky added that, “GEO-TEC Solar Industries is impressed with SunMaxx Solar’s ability to create and develop the solar thermal market in North America while maintaining superior installation and technical support”.

The partnership will increase inventory levels in SunMaxx Solar’s New York, Colorado, and California warehouses in addition to the transfer of Europe’s leading solar thermal system component technology. SunMaxx Solar’s training courses will now include principles of European solar thermal system design and engineering. The entirety of the new SunMaxx Solar product portfolio will be announced in the coming weeks.

Mr. Farrell and Mr. Mischensky have begun planning a state of the art US-based solar thermal manufacturing facility. The multi-million dollar manufacturing facility will produce solar thermal collectors and other proprietary system components. The nationwide site-selection process has recently entered into the final stage with the identification of a possible location in two different US States. The announcement of the final location of the facility is due in the next few months. The manufacturing setup will be flanked by a comprehensive package of solar thermal services. The partners plan to release the details of their long term business model in the following weeks.

GEO-TEC Solar Industries has been committed to producing Europe’s highest quality solar thermal collectors for 14 years. Their collectors can be found in over 20 countries, and they have earned a reputation for exemplary corporate, social, and environmental responsibility.

SunMaxx Solar is the manufacturer of America’s leading solar hot water systems in technological advancement, price and performance. Their product line features leading evacuated tube and flat plate solar collectors, turn-key pre-packaged domestic hot water, space heating and pool heating kits, and the most advanced tanks, controllers, and components in the industry.

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