SunMaxx Solar Reaches Over 1,000 Hours of Webinars

SunMaxx Solar Reaches Over 1,000 Hours of Webinars

As Part of the Company’s Ongoing Educational Outreach, SunMaxx Solar Education Manager Commits to Continuing the Free Training Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 27, 2012 – Binghamton, New York – SunMaxx Solar is pleased to announce its renewed commitment to the company’s webinar program as part of the solar hot water and renewable energy educational opportunities it provides to its subscribers. An industry leader in training today’s best solar hot water installers, SunMaxx Solar has provided free key industry insight to thousands with its webinars and seminars.

For years, SunMaxx workshops have built a strong, professional network of solar thermal installers in the United States. Continuing its series of free online solar training webinars shows SunMaxx Solar’s commitment to keeping solar dealers and installers across the nation up to date on many important topics in the solar hot water installation industry.

CEO Adam Farrell comments, “SunMaxx Solar webinars are based on solar thermal technology and are an excellent tool for those wanting to get competitive in the solar energy market.”

The virtual 30-minute SunMaxx Solar webinars are usually scheduled on Mondays at noon throughout the year. They allow for a participant Q&A with SunMaxx Solar Education and Training Program Manager, John Maliwacki, or one of his guest presenters. John offers intelligent instruction and information on topics relevant to the solar industry.

John adds, “We have topics that can benefit everyone interested in solar energy, from those with a casual interest to seasoned installers. We cover everything from the science behind solar energy to instruction in the actual installation solar thermal systems. Please join us!”

The SunMaxx Solar webinars are recorded and archived for future access on the SunMaxx Solar website. A list of topics and discussions can be viewed at any time at

Previous webinar topics have included , ‘How To Do a Complete Site Survey & Properly Size A Solar System’ ; ‘How Changes In The National Electric Code Effect Today’s Solar PV Installations’ ; ‘Everything You Need To Know About Solar Collector & Installer Certifications’ and insider knowledge tips including, ‘Secret Sales Strategies from SunMaxx’s Top Solar Thermal Salesperson’.

On March 12 , 2012 , solar engineer expert John Maliwacki will launch a series of short webinars on ‘Commissioning Systems’ . To sign up for the upcoming training series, or to learn more about SunMaxx Solar weekly webinars please visit : and

SunMaxx Solar aims to build a sustainable future for its global community, and the progressive company looks forward to being the ongoing resource for Eco-friendly, energy efficiency and renewable energy educational programs. For more information contact [email protected].

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